Benoisy rise like a phoenix in darwin - Be Noisy in the world
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Benoisy rise like a phoenix in darwin

Benoisy rise like a phoenix in darwin

colombian independence day. 20/07/19

Like the phoenix, Benoisy is reborn from the ashes.

The project that began in 2011 in Perth Australia, and stopped for various reasons, resumed the reins and the beginning of snow in July 2019 and for the opening a unique event was held in Darwin, NT. The day of the independence of Colombia.

Charlie  and the national event coordinator, Monica Lloveras began the call that was supported by various members of the Colombian community, Natalia, Jesus, Jo, Ingrid, Marlon and  Claudia who collaborated in various facets, some with Colombian desserts, others in production, party, music, games, etc.

First of all, Thanks to this great team of volunteers, the first event of 2019 in Darwin was a hit for the team work.

Happy 20th of July

Colombian Independence day

Colombian independence day had three activities.

Colombian Lunch and games .

This event was organized with the collaboration of Hot Tamale, one of the most prestigious places in the city, and with the support of the Manager Annelise Grazioli, It was possible to enjoy a high quality event. About 50 people attended.

A big thanks to Jo and Claudia,  They were a great support at the pre production of the first event. Flags and Colombian decoration made this day colourful.

Natalia brought some delicious Pandebonos, typical from South American,  Jo made Arequipe and some Jesus  was ready with some Empanadas that showed the kindness and seasoning of Colombian people.

talking about Jesus, he made a miracle,  he was the master of ceremonies that with Monica made that day full of  dancing, games and smiles.

At 430pm, some people left, because they wanted to be ready  for the night, however,  others went to  the second place that opened the doors for this Colombian celebration, The Precinct.  Great music, atmosphere, chats, drinks and 30 Latinos around celebrating the independence.

Its time to Dance

It was 7 pm and the party was about to begin. The Deck bar with the music of two great Colombians Marlon and Ingrid open the doors and almost 100 people went there. many of them dressing with yellow, blue and red.

Between Shaker, vallenato, salsa, reggaeton and even the national anthem of Colombia, Latinos demonstrated that they are present in the north of Australia

What a great day, now there are pleasant memories of the first event in Darwin organized by Be Noisy with Charlie, Monica Lloveras and an incredible group of Latinos.

See you in our second event, COMING SOON.

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