The best Australian bands
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Top 8, Best live performance (Australian talent)

Top 8, Best live performance (Australian talent)

Lets be noisy, Australia is full of talent, Lets ask  to tasmanians for some bands that they have seen on stage and they keep in mind and here are the results. Groups that you should see on stage. The best australian bands.

Its the first time that I hear about that groups, what about you? what do you feel when you liten to them?


Lets start this list with an incredible Electronic Duo, Carmada. Close your eyes, feel the flow and enjoy their music. “Carmada is an Australian electronic music duo made up of Drew Carmody and Max Armata. Their debut EP Realise was certified Gold in Australia in 2015.” Wikipedia


This group from Perth are describe as ” Combine four musically-inclined folk with a love of pizza, hommus, sunshine and the Indian Ocean and what do you get? Well, probably half of Freo… but in this case, The Tommyhawks.”

When you listen them, your body starts to move, they are really catchy, different, they are pure talent.

Addison -Vocals, guitar, mandolin, banjo

Ness -Bass

Jess -Drums, percussion

Thea -Sax, vocals



Tha Audreys

Oh wow, what a voice. Their music is electrical and came to directly to my blood. Chicken skin time.  South Australia is present with this awesome group. ” The Audreys are a triple ARIA Award-winning Australian blues/roots band who formed in Adelaide, South Australia in 2004. Their fourth studio album, ‘Til My Tears Roll Away, was released in March 2014.” Wikipedia

Taasha Coates – vocals, keys, melodica, harmonica, ukulele

Tristan Goodall – Acoustic and electric guitars, banjo

Current touring members:

Shane O’Mara – electric guitar

Rick Plant – bass

Ben Wiesner- drums


Dan Sultan

The time now is for Victoria, Daniel Leo Sultan. Hus music  is funky and make you dance, move your hips and his voice is super original. ” is an Australian alternative rock singer-songwriter and guitarist. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2010 he won Best Male Artist and Best Blues & Roots Album for his second album, Get Out While You Can (November 2009). At the 2014 ceremony he won Best Rock Album for Blackbird (April 2014), which had reached number four on the ARIA Albums Chart. In 2017, Sultan’s record Killer was nominated for three ARIA awards: Best Male Artist, Best Rock Album, and Best Independent Release.” Wikipedia.


All our exes live in texas

Folk is not my kind of music but when I listen to this group,  my brain was telling me  more more more. Awesome girls with pure talent from NSW.

“All Our Exes Live in Texas is a fantasy draft of Sydney musical talent – Elana Stone, Katie Wighton, Hannah Crofts & Georgia Mooney – all beautiful performers in their own right, here combining in four-part folk heaven. 

On mandolin, ukulele, accordion and guitar, All Our Exes Live in Texas deliver tunes that are clearly crafted with taste, care and skill in the context of a spontaneous, playful and utterly charming live show. With four songwriters and four unique voices, All Our Exes Live in Texas make music that is refreshingly different, drawing influence from traditional four-part harmony to create a brand new type of modern folk. Fair warning: You’ll need your charisma sunnies or you’ll walk out of the building a little bit in love.”Facebook page group”


San cisco

I was at the radio show (Latin american show) and someone called me to request a song of that group. I didnt  have anything at that moment, however, now they are part of my play list. Amazing group.

Fremantle in WA is like Los Angeles in USA, you will always find great artist in this Area. Lets meet San Cisco. “Is an Australian indie pop band that formed in 2009 under the original name of King George, in Fremantle, Western Australia. The band are a four-piece, and consists of Jordi Davieson (guitar, lead vocals), Josh Biondillo (guitar, vocals), Jennifer Aslett (bass) and Scarlett Stevens (drums, vocals). All members, except Stevens, share duties on keyboards. In November 2011, the band was signed by Albert Productions, but moved to Fat Possum Records for the release of its debut album. In October 2012, the band described its ‘vibe’ as “squelchy, crispy, streamlined, hairy, indie”. At the ARIA Music Awards of 2013 the group were nominated for Best Independent Release and Best Dance Release for the album; and Best Video for “Fred Astaire”, which was directed by Andrew Nowrojee.” Wikipedia




Sara McLeod

Her power on stage plus her voice make Sara,  a powerful talent woman from the other world. She is a dimond. Unique. Pure talent from Adelaide. ‘Sarah Yvette McLeod (born 1 February 1973) is an Australian singer-songwriter and front woman of rock band The Superjesus. The group won two ARIA Music Awards and they shipped over 300,000 units during their career. McLeod’s debut solo album, Beauty Was a Tiger, was released in September 2005 and peaked in the top 40 on the ARIA Albums Chart. The album’s first single, “Private School Kid”, a duet with The Living End’s Chris Cheney (July 2005) also reached the top 40, on the related ARIA Singles Chart. In October 2007 McLeod was described as an “iconic Aussie rock chick” by Alison Stieven-Taylor.” Wikipdia

Alex Lahey

This chick from Melbourne came to make us move our head and body left to right. Giveme a bit of Taylor Swift but witha bit of comedy, maybe Alex is our Oz Taylor. I havent see you on stage but if people are talking about you and your performance is because you left great memories in the people.

Alex Lahey is an Australian singer-songwriter from Melbourne. In 2016, Lahey won the Josh Pyke Partnership. Her track “You Don’t Think You Like People Like Me” received Pitchfork’s Best New Track Award and was featured in the Triple J Hottest 100 of 2016. Wikipedia

What are the best Australian bands for you?, Before finish, Have you heard about this voice from Glaslow

Dont foget, turn on the radio sundays night in Darwin and Tasmania, mondays night nd meet Charlie with the best latin american musix in Australia.



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