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The benefits of google +

The benefits of google +

Most people use Google, how many use Google plus? Here, The Benefits of Google +. Lets start with something basic. You can link your website to your Google+ page and the Local Google+ tab.

This is a way to verify that you are the owner of the page. Very important thing to avoid imitations and gain some authority.

The social network of Google allows you to join communities in your sector and even create your own. These communities can be a great source of traffic.


This functionality is nothing other than the ability to segment the publications of the accounts. That you follow by theme, gender or whatever you want.

As you can see, one of the benefits of Google +. is that helps lots there in terms of  SEO. It also helps you position yourself in the accounts of your followers.

If they look for something that you have published or you offer, you will come out in the first place. If people like you, you will be there.

Google+ allows you to use different Google services that are famous for their quality, even you can  create a free ecosystem of documents in the cloud of up to 15GB capacity.

If you think this is all about the benefits of Google + , let me tell you, We have a surprise.

Advertising is absent in the social network of Google, unlike the rest of social networks that increasingly add more ads to their “timelines”.

Lets review again the benefits of google +

G + Local profile will improve visibility, clicks received and the positioning of your website or company within the Google browser. You also have the ability to put a link to these profiles to improve all the data mentioned above.

Having a profile in this social network gives you many benefits in terms of visibility and positioning in addition to what you have available internally. Everything you post in G + is immediately indexed with Google.

If you have a website or blog, even a youtube channel. The benefits of Google + are  impacting and positively influencing the results of the search engine, which  is crucial for companies and professionals.

The world of Google Plus, means having a large of tools of resources in one place: Hangouts, Communities, YouTube, Google, Gmail, Google Maps, and other dozens of products.

And if you mix it properly you can get more potencial bennefits to your website. Because, Each one is designed to benefit and optimize your marketing strategy and take your brand further.

The +1 button

That buttom allows people to establish what is trend, beyond those robotic algorithms that rank a page.

Hangouts on Air (HOA), offers an excellent opportunity to approach your users through live demonstrations, debates or online conferences (automatically uploads to YouTube).

Profiles and Pages, which help you find profiles of people and pages on Google+ related to a specific topic or area and allow you to connect with them with just several clicks.

The search is simply better when it consists of the search plus your world and this is only the beginning. If you are interested in building loyalty and keeping your audience active.

You can create a community that is truly relevant and important to them, as did Cadbury, which, in addition to its G + page, has a community with more than 76,000 participants.


This is just a bit of information about this world called Google + . The benefits of google + are lots but step by step you will learn it if you practice or otherwise we will show it to you week by week in the next articles.

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