The Millennial Tanya Hennessy - Be Noisy in the world
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The Millennial Tanya Hennessy

The Millennial Tanya Hennessy

The Millennial Tanya Hennessy .To be talent, you have to be different, unique, amazing creator, welcome to the life of this comedian, influencer, and radio announcer Tanya Hennessy  ,


Tanya has more than a million followers in Facebook and more than a hundread thousand in instagram, the numbers talk, so yes, she is famous. Lets know a bit more about this Noisy talent.


Tanya Hennessy , the super Influencer


In 2018, Tanya is part of the weekend breakfast host from 7am to 9am.  and has her first kid,  her first self-penned book with Allen & Unwin and tour around Australia, lmost every single state in a week.


In 2017, Made a video called  “Realistic Make -Up Tutorial” went viral  on Facebook and Youtube – racking up millions of views.  and co-hosted hit 104.7 Canberra FM breakfast. Her talent and personality called the attention of brands like Amex, Ford, Samsung and Netflix.  Super talent that got the Junkee award For Breakthrough Artist, was nominated for Cosmo Woman of the Year,


When you want something, you have to go for it and work until you get it, and she is showing us and inspiring many that its possible but you have to go for it. Since 2012 was part of different radio shows, even she  contributes as writer too.

looks like Tanya is doing many things, but as the girls in Rupaul, they have to surprise and make new things every day and Hennessy is like that. She just came to Hobart few days ago to share her last book.  Are you ready to see her in your city?  Are you ready fo her Book? Its number 8 in the best sellers.  Lets be noisy with  The Millennial Tanya Hennessy, a great Australian Inspirational Woman.

What Do you like from her? Lets follow in her social media Tanya H

Tanya is not posting videos right now becayse she is on tour, but she is coming wth few gfeat ideas. ” I’m on tour at the moment with my book! I have videos ready they just need to be filmed and edited. Hahaha so they are not ready but prepped. Gimme a week or two and I’ll be back with more CRYSTAL episodes and Things People Say! Sorry!!! saud Hennessy.

Talking abut inspirational people, have you hear about this Angel, what a voice

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