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If you dont have a Facebook Page now, what are you waiting for. Here son reasons why you should have it. Fan Page pros

Facebook Fan page has become an obligation for companies and creators that want to position themselves in the market. However, many entrepreneurs have not been able to take advantage of this tool within their marketing strategies, so lets try to talk a bit about it.

A personal profile is that: an option that we use when we want to operate individually. On the other hand, a Fan Page is something community; a profile that seeks the interest of the rest of the Facebook community to count on the participation of many people and offer them a specific content that can seek greater interaction with the rest.

Personal profiles will hardly allow you to have 5000 friends and limit the information of the network, while a FanPage can reach millions of followers and you have more exploitable options a digital marketing strategy for a company.


This is what Fan Pages are about, a professional presence in social networks and, by extension, offer content that is of interest to a sector of the community. Offer a greater understanding of what the company is about in the event that the public is already familiar with what you offer.


The Traffic to Blogs and Web Pages. Let’s say you have a blog about fashion, for example. In those cases you can have a Facebook Fan Page to reach more people and keep them up to date on what you have written and offered on your blogs. Nowadays, people spend a lot of time on social networks and therefore it is worthwhile to manage all these options to avoid eventualities. So, dont waste time and share your posts. Even you can share old posts to your new followers so they can know more about you. With this your traffic to your website will increase quickly, have more activity and if you sell products, they will find more about you.


Another great news or fan page pros is Surveys and Opinions, where you can encourage the participation of people by establishing surveys and publications. Here you can receive comments and opinions from the public on a particular topic. So if they have any question, pros or cons you will know and you can improve.

If you are thinking in your next article, you can post and ask if the people want more info about the topic one or two. You will have a greater participation on the part of the people and that is what it is about having a Fan Page: of participation, sharing and communication. Remember as company or talent person, you have to have as much contact with your followers.


If you have any new product coming or Special Offers and Contests, that will be a fan page pros, This feature is very useful and Facebook will allow you to make specific offers, where your followers will be able to mark it and track it until they buy. It also offers you the necessary technology to run contests and improve the interaction and traffic of the FanPage.

If someone like your post will be part of it. Constantly updating your pages you can keep your clients and your fan base informed being relevant. When a user clicks on “like” or comments on their messages, that information is automatically published in the feedback of Facebook users, updating their friends and in turn increasing their brand and visibility online.


More Pros


Through this platform, it is much easier to manage claims and suggestions, even solve some crises. The contact with the public is easier, especially if you take advantage of the benefits of Facebook Messenger. Many people find easy to contact you by social media than by phone.  So its better for both parts.

With your post, you will Connect Emotionally With Your Customers, the relation will be better, but your creativity has to be high to surprise to your followers. So what do yiu think now about fan page pros.

In a Fan Page you can contribute content that connects with your followers and customers, creating an emotional closeness and a greater diffusion of your brand almost instantaneously. It should be noted that in order to achieve this emotional closeness it is necessary to know how to create viral content and  different. You should try and see the results.

Facebook offers a fast and FREE connection to millions of potential users / customers and takes very little time to create. Fan and business pages can be created for free. Both Facebook users and non-Facebook users can see your business or fan page and can be used to link to your company’s websites, newsletters and subsequent updates, promotions and advertisements related to your business.

Invite your customers and subscribers to “Like” your page and Facebook will prove to be the best investment you never had to pay for.

Are you ready to open a Fan Page? Try and you will see how amazing can be. Fan page pros or cons but at the end is part of the tools of social media. lets try

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