Natasha Jenkings, the busking girl from Glasgow - Be Noisy in the world
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Natasha Jenkings, the busking girl from Glasgow

Natasha Jenkings, the busking girl from Glasgow

Natasha Jenkings was one of the undiscovered artist that we can see every day at the train, street, bus everywhere, her voice, beauty and style describe talent, Its time for Natasha.

Amazing voice, it strike our heart. When you hear her, you have to stop , listen and wowing she is unique. The reaction of different people around the world describe how beautiful is that moment when her voice appeare. “I almost broke out into tears! I could listen to your music all day every day! Most beautiful voice ive ever heard! I want to stop typing but im totally freaking out right now! Please be on spotify”

“Not only this young beautiful lady looks like an Angel but she a lso sings like one too.. She has an Angelic voice..BEAUTIFUL! Thank you….God Bless Always!”

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I had the most amazing time on tour with Paul Young and I’m so sad it’s all over now! Thank you for the amazing memories that were made on this tour together! Thank you Yamaha for my beautiful guitar she’s a dream to play ❤️ Photo creds to the amazing Janson of @beyondthenoise 📷 Sorry for the inactivity on instagram – I’m back at university sitting my exams as I’m still studying my degree! I promise there are still exciting things happening with my music and there will be new things coming shortly! ❤️ Here are some photos from the last night of the tour in Southampton at the Engine Rooms! Don’t forget the link in my bio is for the webstore where you can buy my cd and tickets for my headlining shows in London and Edinburgh! ❤️

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Lets know more about Natasha Jenkings


She is already one of Scotland’s fastest emerging talents.” Originally from Glasgow and currently studying at the Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London, Natasha’s career has rocketed from busking on the streets to coverage on national television.

After being spotted performing on the streets of Glasgow in 2017 by David Bowie’s producer, Tony Visconti she was immediately invited to appear on his Sky television programme “Unsigned Heroes”, to much media coverage. Since then Natasha has gone on to tour and receive invites to appear on television including American chat show, “Steve” hosted by popular comedian Steve Harvey.

Her upcoming tour with Paul Young and EP release as well as recording a song with Guy Chambers to be featured in an upcoming film release this year means that 2018 promises to be a very exciting year for the young artist.”

Her video basking on the street got  has millions of views until now and since coming across this video, we play it daily. She has such a beautiful voice. Thank you Natasha for making our days so much better.

Lot’s of undiscovered talent in the world. Fortunately, Natalia Jenkings was spotted by a record producer. So for those that have a dream, keep on dreaming till you wake up and find it is no longer just a dream.

If you have a talent, show it, be creative, use social media, right now is lots of applications that you can use, Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, Pinterest, Younow, what are you waiting for.

Come to Australia Natasha Jenkings, it will be great to see you performing here.

Talking about talent, have you hear about Adore, what a voice, what a creativite

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