Mama Alto, One of the best Australian Jazz singers right now - Be Noisy in the world
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Mama Alto, One of the best Australian Jazz singers right now

Mama Alto, One of the best Australian Jazz singers right now

Mama Alto is an iconic amazing  jazz singer,  who shows to everyone that talent is more than a gender thing, she is coming from other world. This artist is not just fierce, sickening and flawless, she’s just PURE TALENT, surprising and complete performer. She will become an Australian legend.

Lets Be noisy with Mama Alto, but  before check this Australian talent called Beth, maybe you like it

“Mama Alto is a gender transcendent diva, cabaret artiste, jazz singer & community activist. She is a non-binary trans femme person of colour who works with the radical potential of storytelling, strength in softness & power in vulnerability. Fierce, femme & fabulous, she has been lauded as “divine” (Havana Tribune, Cuba), “near flawless” (The Age), and “a knockout” (The Herald Sun). She fascinates audiences with “an idiosyncratic mix of statuesque fragility” (The Music) and is described as “transcendent” (Stage Whispers), “breathtaking” (ArtsHub), “hypnotically beautiful, elegant & mysterious” (Adelaide Advertiser) & “bewitching” (SameSame). Drawing on legacies of vintage torch singers & her own identity as a queer person of colour, Mama Alto’s vocal & visual aesthetic transcend gender, disrupting & discomforting societal constructions of dichotomous boundaries. By embracing perceived difference she reclaims narratives of othering, defies the normative & rejoices in the sublime.”


Mama Alto was the delighted recipient of the 2014 Weekly Award for Best Cabaret at Adelaide Fringe, the 2016 Arts Access Victoria Outstanding Access & Inclusion Award at Melbourne Fringe, and the 2017 Artist of the Year Award at the GLOBE LGBTI Awards. As part of an ensemble, she was amongst the company recipients of the 2015 CHAMACO Award for Best International Production in Cuba (with Finucane & Smith’s “Glory Box”) and the 2017 Best Cabaret Award at Melbourne Fringe (with Becky Lou’s “Seen & Heard”). Additionally, she has been a nominee for the 2014 BankSA Best Cabaret Award at Adelaide Fringe,  the 2015 Artist of the Year Award at the GLOBE LGBTI Awards, and the 2017 Best Actress in a Play in the Broadway World Sydney Awards.

Festival of voices is in Hobart right now and we can appreciate amazing talent around, people that is being creative, working hard and showing how amazing they are. one of them is Mama Alto. Thursday 12 july, at Hobart City Mall, its time to support Australian Talent.

You can check one of his performance here

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