An Angel is here, What a voice, Georgia Fields
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An Angel is here, What a voice, Georgia Fields

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An Angel is here, What a voice, Georgia Fields

Where have you been Georgia Fields_ When you listen this kind of artist, you ask to yourself, why she is not super famous?. Just close your eyes and listen that amazing voice, you will relax, dream or cry, because her talent make you feel her music. Georgia Fields, an amazing Australian voice.

Lets know more about this wonderful voice from Melbourne, “Georgia Fields’ postcard-perfect pop combines the astral with the ordinary, earning her a reputation as one of Australia’s brightest independent singer-songwriters. Brimming with an intoxicating melodicism, her stellar song-craft draws on influences as far-reaching as Greek mythology, lunar folklore and the succulent anatomy of citrus fruits.

Fields first made her mark on the Melbourne music scene in 2007, with her independently released EP Drama on the High Seas of Emotion. Each cover was hand-made from a vintage Little Golden Book, and Fields soon sold out of three re-pressings.  A string of festival shows followed, and in 2010 Fields was awarded a grant from Creative Victoria to produce her first full-length album, featuring lush orchestral arrangements and a 15-piece ensemble of strings, brass, woodwind, tuned percussion (and even the percussive whirr of a cordless drill). The self-titled Georgia Fields LP was released to critical acclaim, being named Album of the Week for ABC Radio National and Melbourne’s Beat Magazine.”

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Her new song is boiling, because just came out, is called Water to Water, written during her Jacky Winter Gardens residency earlier this year, and filmed on location in a converted chapel nestled in the central Victorian goldfields. Inspired by the Japanese ceremony Mizuko Kuyo, Fields speaks to the unborn baby she lost in February this year.


“Miscarriage grief is difficult to carry because it’s so invisible. Writing this song allowed me to conjure something tangible to honour the baby that we so wanted to meet, but couldn’t”, she says, in an interview with WildnFree blog.


What do you think about Georgia, Do you want to know more about her. Let us know

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