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Youtube SEO, some tips to be more efective with it

Youtube SEO, some tips to be more efective with it

Youtube is the new tv and everyone is in there. Now the topic is Youtube SEO, are you using it properly?

Surely many of you have watched a video on YouTube, be it a videoclip, documentary, cartoons, movies, or just a youtuber talking about life. Like you, outside is  millions of people doing the same thing.

Ages ago, we just watched few channels on tv and it was really sad when your favourite tv show finished. However, now it is different. Right now everyone can be in Youtube as big media plataform and get lost of money, but how?

They earn money through the visits that their videos generate through advertising, either through a sponsor or Google Adsense. YouTube is a world of opportunities.


The first question here is? Why you dont use youtube? Are you using it propery?

YouTube is a source of visits, both on your own portal channel and on your website. Some people just want to watch something funny or put some music, even some go there to learn.

First opportunity, If you have any skill, lets make a tutorial. The tutorials is a good strategy on YouTube not only to get traffic from visitors but to earn money. If the video is good, you can suggest another video and for sure your viewer will watch you again. So the content is super important.

Tlking about social media, Do you now that Pinterest will help you to get more customers and followers

Lets remember, first you should open a youtube channel, after, you should make a great content, now is time to learn about SEO.

How to do SEO on YouTube to position the videos?

Attractive titles, The titles must be super creative. Of course, that have to have the keyword you want to position on YouTube. If with the title you call attention, you will get reproductions,  like it and your videos will be shared in other channels, blogs, news or  even in social networks.

Dont forget the labels/Tags. They are important for YouTube algorithms to better position videos. It will be a way of saying of these robots that is important content and that they should index.  If your video doesnt have it, maybe you are losing some curtomers.

Super description, Generally the Youtubers do not make descriptions or make them very short. The most advisable thing would be to make descriptions of 300 words. This will give more value, takes time but the results are better. Remember you have to be the best. Be unique.

Share links, so you  you will be a way to add value to your audience and where you will gain visitor traffic and money.

Here some instagram info that you can use

As i told you before, good material,  quality videos,  and creative. People dont want the same things, so you have to offer something different.

Lets start with your first videos and show your creativity.

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