Top 12 Xtream make up Dragqueen from Rupaul Dragrace
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Top 12 Xtream make up dragqueen

Top 12 Xtream make up dragqueen

Rupaul dragrace has amazing make up artist, but this category is for the xtream ones. Benoisyintheworld Top 12 XTREAM MAKE UP DRAGQUEEN from Ruapul Drag Race The ones that you look at it and you will be wowing. Which one we miss. photos: rupaul drag race contestants instagram

Lets remember the best quotes of each of them and how amazing they looks like, from 12 to 1, lets start

Top 12 Xtream Make up Dragqueen


“I’m here because I am a professional entertainer. I want to be able to give and create showmanship; for the world to be able to see that the art of drag is not about putting on a dress and prancing around. There is so much more in what we are and who we are, as men, and as well when we are women.”

”Well hi there, I’m the delicious Miss Mandarin! *gasp* Mmmm! *Thp Thp Thp Thp Thp Noise*”

“I’m so glad you asked me this question! I nominate myself because I don’t want to be here anymore.”

“Since day one, I have been judged really hard, and I’m very frustrated that you can’t see the personality, Because I am so fucking real, you have no idea. And I don’t feel that I am being understood here. I am beautiful. I’m a beautiful person internally and on the outside, and its so, so frustrating to me that that image does not seem to be conveyed. Week after week when we come into elimination round, I am so negatively critiqued.”

Trixxie Mattle

“Snatching trophies? (laughs) I am a trophy.” (All Stars 3 Trailer)

“I belong in the Drag Race Hall Of Fame because I’m Roxxxy Andrews and I’m here to make it clear, I know you love me baby so that’s why you brought me here.” (All Stars 3: Meet the Queens)

“Everybody says, ‘Oh my god, Trixie! It must be so amazing, it must be like everything’s just handed to you!’, and the truth is, yes. Everything is just handed to me. Unfortunately, I have two hooks.” (All Stars 3: Meet the Queens)

“Oh my god. Get out of my station!”

“Your talent can’t be velcro.” (About Milk’s All Star’s variety performance)

“Winner winner, chicken… dinner.” (All Stars 3: All Stars Snatch Game)

Nina Flowers

“I don’t consider myself as a female impersonator, I like to be more androgynous. It’s an extravaganza.”

“Just plug it in, and blow… shhhhhhhhh!” – Promoting a hair dryer on a spoof TV segment of Oprah’s favorite things, on the third episode.

“Tell me about your H-I-… uh H…” – Trying to ask Tori and Dean who guest starred on the third episode about their “HIT TV SHOW”. Nina struggled and was mistaken quickly for appearing to say “HIV”

“My favorite part of doing drag is the transformation. Nina takes over more and more and when she’s done… the different persona comes out. That’s really where the art is.”

Dusty Ray Bottoms

“Dusty Ray Bottoms is dark, glamorous and trashy. She’s also dyslexic.

“Cracker, your twin is here! It’s battle between the twins y’all!”

“Wops!” (Season 10 elimination, Episode 4)

“This is not the last you’ll see of Dusty Ray Bottoms so keep your eye out, or keep your bottom out, I dunno…”

Laila Macqueen

“Alright ladies, lets turn up the juice and see what shakes loose!”


“Bonjour! Sorry to keep you waiting” (Season 10 entrance)

“My name is Aquaria and I am a superstar!”

“I don’t define drag, drag is defined by me.”

“Vixen shut the fuck up!”

“I need something to stand out because RuPaul doesn’t see the star in me, that means that I’m not showing him my star…”

“Some girls in the werkroom chose to read books, I chose to turn looks”


“We’re all just a bunch of clowns, aren’t we?”

“Can I get my phone back?”

“It’s milkin’ time!”

“Is she gonna jump from there?”

“Hit the children? Did she just say that? […] Touch the children?!”

I was in character the entire time and to be standing on that stage and not *sniff* not be commended for it, it’s stupid. I was in 8 of the 10 numbers and I did the goddamn thing, I was so excited to get up there and hear what they thought of my performance and what they thought of my RuDemption look because in Season 6, all they wanted to see was glamour, I can assume that that’s what they think, but I want them to congratulate me.”

Phiphi Ohara

Check the 365 days of make up of Phiphi

“You don’t need RuPaul to be big. I can say for a fact that people knew who Phi Phi was before I got here. So I don’t need RuPaul to say I’m sickening. I know I’m sickening. I don’t need her to tell me that.”

“I think it’s so great that the help can sit there and compete alongside me.”

“At least I am a showgirl, bitch, go back to Party City where you belong!”

“I don’t wear blonde!”


“Riddle me this, riddle me that, watch out girls, this bitch is back!”

Sharoon Neddles

Halloween make up dragqueen

“Have you done porn? You should certainly consider it!”

“Playing girly-ish and bouncy is something really foreign to me.”

“My hand works great on a snake.”

“I fully support gay divorce.”

“I have ‘dignity’ looks and ‘paycheck’ looks. Dignity is when I will not bend, for anyone. I don’t care if I make a dollar, I’m doin what I’m doin. Then there’s times the electric’s about to shut off so I dress up like Lady GaGa.”

Acid Betty

From the other world make up dragqueen

“Bob is a comedian, which means she tells 300 jokes and four of them are funny.”

“This is a mess I can’t wait to see.”

“O M baby Jesus!”

“Acid Betty, out!” — Upon elimination

“When that bus comes on by, I’m gonna throw her first”

“I do freaky drag… the drag scene should not be homogenized, and not everyone should look the same.”


Anime make up dragqueen

“I came to DESTROY EVERYONE, with my make-up.”

“Donut come for me!”

“Naysha is dancing like a soccer mom. You can get the ball in the goal, kids!”

“I’m not going to be ashamed of being hungry, I am hungry!”

Kim.jpg.750×400 q85 box-0,25,1000,559 crop detail

“I think you’re kind of hot for a black guy, Naomi.”

“My name is Kim Chi, and say hello to yellow!”

“This ad was paid out of my own pocket because no one cares. Do you?”

Nina Bonina Brown

Simply the number one make up  dragqueen

“I’m Nina, Bo’nina, Banana, Fofana, Osama, Bin Laden Brown! Boom boom boom boom!”

“Exactly!” -Nina after Eureka asked if her drag was like an STD.

“Somebody has to be the messy one”

“She didn’t rent it from the Netflix… she bought it.”

“Lady Gaga is really living for my foolishness.”

“Sue me!”

“I should’ve been Blac Chyna.”

Wht do you think about Top 12 XTREAM MAKE UP ARTIST from Ruapul Drag Race, are you agree or not? which one is your favorite one


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