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Goonies then and now, after 33 years.

Goonies then and now, after 33 years.

I’m a GOONIE forever, Goonies never say die. It as the typical quote of that famous movie. Time flies hen you realice that tat movie was 33 yea ago. Lets chck the Goonies then and now.

Nostalgia trip to the past on this lovely adventure romance that children of adults alike will enjoy. It still holds up 35 years later. The ultra fast pace will hold your attention, the jokes will still make you genuinely laugh, and the adventure will still thrill you. I can easily imagine parents sitting down passing their love of The Goonies to a new generation with their kids. The Goonies remains a sweet coming of age story that brings you on a fantastic adventure on screen. You feel like you are one of their friends. It is absolutely charming.


For those who are completely new to “The Goonies.” The plot follows a group of adolescent kids, known as The Goonies. They all reside in Astoria, Oregon and soon their entire neighbor is going to be demolished to make way for newer houses. Mikey (Sean Astin), Brand (Josh Brolin) Mouth (Corey Feldman), Chunk (Jeff Cohen), and Data (Jonathon Ke Quan) stumble upon a map that may lead to buried treasure, and they decide to go after it. What they don’t realize is that a band of criminals, the Fratellis (Anne Ramsey, Joe Pantolliano, and Robert Davi) are hiding out in the exact spot that the map points them to! Mikey and the rest of the Goonies, along with Andy and Stef (Keri Green and Martha Plimpton) must follow the map through caves full of deadly booby traps, and not mention the Fratellis who are right on their tails. Can The Goonies find the buried treasure–and as a result pay off the foreclosure on their homes? Will the Fratellis catch up with them, and put a permanent end to their adventure? You’ll have to find out!


The Goonies boasts a powerful score from Dave Grusin who captures the magic of childhood and the exhilarating feeling of going on an adventure with your friends. The music is iconic as The Goonies’ iconography, writing, and cinematography. Grusin composed a lovely score that still sounds beautiful.  The Goonies has a splendid cast of child actors that carry the movie to new heights. Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Jeff Cohen, Ke Huy Quan, Kerri Green, and Martha Plimpton were excellent child actors. You believe them the entire time. They each represent a type and they play their part perfectly. Anyone watching The Goonies today can still relate to these kids. The Goonies has an enchanting ensemble here.


“The Goonies” was written by Steven Speilberg and Christoper Columbus, those names should be familiar to you. It was also directed by Richard Donner, primarily known for directing the “Lethal Weapon” films.


Jeff Cohen has remained alive marked by the character of Chubby. Cohen is 44 years old, works as a lawyer, although he is dropped in a fan meeting by or by some event.

Sean Astin, is famous for  Samwise Gamgee in the trilogy of ‘The Lord of the Rings’. This work has marked his career, but he can boast of having played all kinds of roles, most of them as secondary roles. He is 46 years old and we just saw him as the cute Bob in Season 2 of ‘Stranger Things’.

Corey Feldman, the actor who welcomed the Mouth, At 46, is also focused on the horror genre, but also has a voice in Slash, the mutant turtle of the ‘Ninja Turtles’.

He was one of the iconic children of the 80’s cinema: “The Goonies” was his second film, but the first was “Indiana Jones and the cursed temple”Jonathan Ke Quan, has been responsible for the risky scenes in ‘X-Men’ (2000) and ‘The One’ (2001). He’s 45.



Goonies were at 80s and American Pie at 90s, Do you remember Nadia

“The Goonies” features a fantastic cast, and great performances all around. There’s plenty of adventure and action, and the humor is priceless!  If you haven’t seen this movie yet, do yourself a favor, and SEE IT

Goonies Then and Now

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