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Benefits of Pinteres, perfect for you.

Benefits of Pinteres, perfect for you.

Benefits of Pinteres, perfect for you.

If you havent use it yet, go to open one account now. Pinterest is one of the best social networks to improve SEO positioning (Search Engine Optimization) through the correct optimization of the image that is published. Yes,  If the image hangs on Pinterest, static optimized and pointing to our website, generates more traffic than you think.


Is your  are selling products? Do you have an ecommerce? or you want to show your talent? Use Pinterest to create files with the catalogs of your products, service, etc. Buyable pins help socially increase sales to users to make purchases from the social network. The links also offer the opportunity to double or triple traffic to the website.


Pinterest has been used by more than 80 million people, so lots of people can watch you. Remember all is a complement with Facebook,Instagram,Twitter, YOUNOW, etc.

One of the Benefits of Pinteres is that offers different products such as promoted pines, Pinterest API, among others that allow making brands, planning and making personalized campaigns for each client, if you want to use it in big campaigns, do it, each element that internet is giving us, can be part of our strategy, because remember is many people outside and you have to be different. so with that  you can achieve a better connection and communication with the target audience, but you can also deepen the ideas of the customers who direct new marketing strategies.

Have you hear about younow?

Pinterest has a different structure to social networks, is flexible and allows the brand to create original and innovative content that captures the attention of the target audience and invites you to perform a type of action, such as visiting the website or saving the pin, and If we correctly carry out the optimization phase of our images, we achieve what objective would help us to know the tastes of our clients as well as our sales strategy. Be creative and the results are coming for it.

So, remember if yiu have photos in your phone or computer, use it in Pinterest, you will capture the attention of your audience and will expand around the internet in other websites.

Remember people search ideas, new things, save them on the board, share it different networks and you will achieve visibility and more people will know you and follow you. Remember Pinterest will help you to be even more effective online.

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