Ally McBeal turns 21, the best tv serie from the 90s
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Ally McBeal , happy 21 years

Ally McBeal , happy 21 years

Already 21 years old, 1997 Ally McBeal arrived. Created by David E. Kelley, the series stars Calista Flockhart in the title role as a lawyer working in the fictional Boston law firm. The series won lot of awards like Golden Globes and Emmys

Many people used cassette tapes to record the episode. No everyone love it, some people find absurd, however I have to admit even only the conversation alone was really amazing. Ally McBeal is David Kelly’s masterpiece.

As you know, be different is the password and Ally McBeal had that perfect piece. David Kelley was a genius.  That the music of the series, was one of the main reasons why Ally McBeal was so popular. They fit the individual characters, and the mood, so perfectly. A great TV-series. It is about the law and above all about love. The story is sometimes very funny even ridiculous sometimes, but it doesn’t matter. For some reason you just have to like it. A bit different for the 90s,  A law firm  with different kind of personalities, relations, love, fun, fights and a unisex toilet that was unusual for that time and dont forget the “frequently surreal running gags and themes, such as Ally’s tendency to immediately fall over whenever she met somebody she found attractive, or Richard Fish’s wattle fetish and humorous mottos (“Fishisms” & “Bygones”), or John’s gymnastic dismounts out of the office’s unisex bathroom stalls, or the dancing twins (played by Eric & Steve Cohen) at the bar, that ran through the series. The show used vivid, dramatic fantasy sequences for Ally’s and other characters’ wishful thinking; particularly notable is the dancing baby.”

The thing you have to like the most is Ally McBeal herself. Calista Flockhart does a great. Greg Germann is very funny as Richard, the one who only thinks about money. Peter MacNicol is great as John Cage, the best friend of Ally. Lucy Liu as Ling and Portia de Rossi as Nelle are both gorgeous. The guest appearances here are also great. Taye Diggs, Anne Heche, Christia Ricci, Matthew Perry, even Robbie Downey Jr (Ironmn) was in there. They all had their good things.

Ally McBeal herself is like a medication in a way as it is good in small doses. Lets have a flashback and remember Ally.

Maybe you watched Sabrina the teenager witch, do you remember her? Then and now

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