Why twitter in 2018? - Be Noisy in the world
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Why twitter in 2018?

Why twitter in 2018?

Why twitter in 2018? Some people prefer instagram or facebook and thinks that nobody use twitter, however, this is wrong, lots of people use it. Remember some people prefer watch photos, others prefer to read, think and post short ideas and twitter is perfect for that. You should open one because is another way to call the attention.

If you have any talent and wants to get out and show it to everyone, you should use twitter and i will tell you some reason you should do it


  1. Share the content you produce with a great text.

Twitter  is a network for people to read,  think and comment. Twitter 2018 is still there. If you have a site and  works with content production and maintains an updated blog, this is a great channel to share their posts and new materials and get more  visitors. Additionally, due to the dynamics of the network, many people use the platform as a means to stay updated on matters that interest them. So you have to be creative and If your audience likes your content, the chances are high that the post will get retweets, increasing the reach to other users and you will see the impact on it. But remember, post great material.


  1. Easy to use

Twitter makes it easier for users to interact with companies: people are more open to accepting a tweet. It is more likely that the user can manage the relationships in the network: follow or stop following a company is only a click away. You can follow the ones that you want and increase your business relations, even just with your followers.


  1. A great channel of attention

There are many people who are not willing to take the phone and call a company, who prefer not to leave the house and those who find sending a hard email. Some time if you want to put a complaint to any company and you call them, you can wait on line for 20 minutes or more, but Twitter is a simple and non-bureaucratic way to get in touch with the company. Having a profile in the social network, your company offers an additional channel to get in touch. Customers can converse with companies via DM (direct messages) or through mentions.

If you have a company, you can stay in contact with your customers in a new way. Twiter in 2018, is alive.


  1. Build relationships

Twitter allows the construction of the relationship between companies and users, future followers, and people from all over the world. It is possible to talk to someone, answer a tweet, add other users in the conversation, etc. Many entertainment, sports and information personalities have their account in this network. Following those who interest you will give you the opportunity to find out about their news.

In addition, many of these personalities communicate frequently with their followers. If you want to ask a question or send a comment to someone you admire, you can use Twitter to get in touch with that celebrity.

Also, it is possible to establish a greater link, when the messages are sent in direct messages, because their character is private. Because the interaction is direct, twitter is an excellent channel to identify and interact with influencers of your segment, which can be references to talk about your brand, product or service on the network. And if you want to be and influencer, its a great way to get contact with some companies and make some money but remember, your content has to be amazing.


  1. Time for Branding

When people read your tweet, they can feel your emotions, and understand your ideas  where the tone of voice of the company (you) and the personality of the brand are perceived to a greater extent, it is humanized. Thus, users see the brand as someone accessible and open to talk and generate opinions. So you have to be careful before any post because will be lost of people around the world reading you, but you can say what do you want to say.

  1. Monitoring

On Twitter, everyone thinks out loud. Imagine your self at the stadium with thousands of people around and everyone talking at the same time. its the same, however with a simple search, it is possible to find different opinions about any company, products, people, competitors and the segment in general. In this way, it is possible to find opportunities in the market and see what your audience tweets, knowing their interests and needs and managing to produce a more focused content. And if you want go learn more and use  Twitter Analytics, it is possible to obtain also deeper statistics, such as number of visits to the profile, impressions of Tweets, number of mentions and new followers. Lots of information to help you and your ideas. Twitter in 2018 still rocking, do you have it?


Dont forget about Instagram


This is twitter in 2018, but we have more things that we will talk next time like,

It allows you to get answers to your questions

It serves to promote social causes

It serves to meet new people

You can find offers and win in contests

It will help you find and find a new job

You will be aware of the latest news


Are you using Twitter? It is time to open one or use more often.

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