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Creepy as hell! Well made! Original and well thought!

Creepy as hell! Well made! Original and well thought!

This movie delivers on scares, storytelling and character development which any horror fan will surely appreciate! It’s one of the bests out there! Absolutely Amazing Film. The fact that 90% of the film is in silence just adds to the intensity you feel when watching this. I wouldn’t say the film is a horror movie but more a thriller. This is one of the best movies of recent times I have watched. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would 100% recommend it to everyone


When a Director decides to direct a horror/thriller film he knows that to be successful he needs a great story…well tick that box for sure! From the very beggining to the very end i was hooked on my seat…not to mention the last scene sequence where my mouth couldnt close from what i was watching! Every scene was so masterfully crafted and the story was unveiling slowly,steadily,tensefully as never seen before in a movie!

I didnt know that James Krasinski and Emily Blunt were so extraordinary good actors until i saw this movie. I couldnt believe my eyes. Both child actors were amazingly talented too and have a great future ahead of them. As long as the monsters are concerned, well i dont know about you but I’ve been traumatized and amazed at the same time. I’ve never seen something so original as this movie.

One word can describe this movie: Legendary!

A MUST SEE for everyone!!! Well done to everyone involved, a cinematic masterpiece has finally been created and will be remembered for ages to come!

Wow, just wow. That is all that I have to say after watching this movie masterpiece. John Krasinski’s ‘A Quiet Place’ was terrifying to say the least, you would find yoourself in many scenes in the movie watching the film through the gaps of your fingers, an absolute thriller. Emily Blunt was excellent in this movie in what I thought was an Academy Award winning performance. All in all, everything in this movie just worked, the chemistry between the actors in this very small cast, the fear factor of it all and the genius working of background music throughout the film, adding suspense to every moment of this incredible film.


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