Are you ready to Dance? The world cup song arrive - Be Noisy in the world
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Are you ready to Dance? The world cup song arrive

Are you ready to Dance? The world cup song arrive

Do you remember, La copa de la vida o Waka waka. Songs that we still dancing. Its time for a new song, because the world cup is coming, Russia 2018.

Colombia, Brazil, Australia, Senegal, Russia, Germany, are coming with all. This time the turn is for Maluma and Jason Derulo, Colombia and Haiti with  great song COLORS.

Checkig online some coment about it, we found this one that call our attetion “At least, this one is much much better than the First video. I am haitian, I love my country and I love the fact that other haitians -like-you want to share our true color with other colors. I also love the fact that you came to Haiti and made an awesome video. At the same time I have to admit that for the world cup the first video wasn’t good enough! Something I found in this video was missing: this special beat that makes you want to vandalize your own house lol but also images of people playing football because this is what worldcup is about: Football, culture and not mainly girls dancing some sexy and crazy dance. I hope you’re going to update your video for the worldcup and make us prouder that we’re already are! Good luck dear moun lakay! Raise your hands to the sky to let us see what you can do with our special colors! Here we go!!!!”

What do you think about Colors.

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