Oh my gosh! So good! Perfect amount of scary suspenseful and freaky! - Be Noisy in the world
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Oh my gosh! So good! Perfect amount of scary suspenseful and freaky!

Oh my gosh! So good! Perfect amount of scary suspenseful and freaky!

Are you ready to scream? This movie was hands down one of the most creative and thrilling works of art in the last decade. With stellar performances from a group of insanely talented actors, a riveting story from the mind of John krasinski, and sequences that will leave you bawling, jumping out of your seat, and downright begging for an encore. A quiet place is a complete hit.

A pretty interesting horror story that doesn’t give the viewer too much information on why everything is happening, but throws said viewer right into the fray. The world is in ruin. Strange creatures from somewhere (it’s never explained) that are blind, but hunt by sound and are very well armored have killed off most of the population. We follow the Abbott family who are living off on farm with three of the creatures nearby. We have Lee (John Krasinski) the father who is very protective, Evelyn (Emily Blunt) the loving mother who is expecting, and then their two kids Regan (Millicent Simmonds) who is deaf and thinks her father is still angry at her over a tragic accident, then the very nervous Marcus (Noah Jupe) who doesn’t quite understand how strong he really is. The family talks in mostly sign language (the first spoken word is about 40 minutes in), they walk barefoot, they use every caution to stay quiet so that the monsters don’t find them. It’s well acted and I think it helps that Krasinski and Blunt are married in real life, so their scenes are great. It’s a movie not just about monsters, but about the love people have for another and what you’ll do. I will say the movie is only an hour and a half, but it’s definitely a slow burn kinda film culminating with a big action sequence with the last 30. I found a few things were foreshadowed just a bit too damn blatantly which I’ll credit to Krasinski being a fairly new director here (he’s directed two other films) and I think he’ll only get better from here. I liked everything overall and found a few moments very touching. It’s a solid horror film and recommend giving it a look!

So lets be noisy and let us know if you like it or not.

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