Look at me, I am a beautiful creature

Look at me, I am a beautiful creature

From which planet is Netta Coming from?. This kind of artist that you say OMG, love her and without say many things, she is our card for Eurovision this year, Israel. Whether she win or not, she will be the most memorable act of ESC 2018.

Maybe you like it or not, this is a cold hard fact, look at the views she got on her video, almost 10 million, compared to that of the others’. This woman beyond being a genius is a genius. And most importantly, she manages to make an unbelievable performance show from just standing there. It’s not my favourite rendition because it’s obviously a lot but much more talented and powerful than these songs.

And Looking at her past live performance, she is going to blow the roof off that arena in Lisbon with her voice, electronic instrument and her charming personality. For us, she is the winner this year. The performance that undoubtedly made her a genius for inhalers. I think 4 songs in Hebrew one in English one in Spanish for one performance I do not think it’s some sort of rap and if it’s unusual or string hits it’s just creating a new song. This is an impossible task.

She is in another league and that is true in another league, planet, world And it’s just the tip of the edge of the edge of her infinite talent. She is so unique, crazy and amazing. We haven´t heard something awesome like that in a while. She is this kind of talent people that arrive and let everyone with a big open mouth

Absolutely amazing, She is not just a princess, she is the Chicken QUEEN. She rocks the boat!! All the support to the entry of Israel this year in ESC!! Netta can sing the telephone book and still getting away with that with the gorgeous voices and faces she has!, She is talent, funny, creative, different, It’s amazing !!Very good choice Israel!! The Chicken is our 12 points for Eurovision.



Photo: netta barzilai instagram

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