Guess who is coming back? CLARISSA.

Guess who is coming back? CLARISSA.

Do you remember, Clarissa Explains All. With Melissa Joan Hart, who was the famous witch Sabrina after that. Nickelodeon is rebooting this Show.

The hollywood reported that in the new Clarissa, Melissa will be the mother of the family and will be the executive producer too. However, we are not 100% sure because they project is in preproduction, just early development.

The original Clarissa has 65 episodes that were filmed between 1991 to 1994. This show was about a young teenager that talk to the public about all her problems in school, family, friends, love etc ”

This show might be more popular with the female audience, but guys could easily relate to it as well. The way Clarissa demolished the fourth wall really helped to establish a connection with the viewers, and it addressed issues that every person, male or female, goes through in their teens, in a lighthearted way without shoving it down our throats like other shows like Full House did. Clarissa was one of the most relatable and most likable characters Nick had to offer, and she just seemed like a big sister to all of us growing up with her. Also, admittedly, Melissa Joan Hart was my first childhood celebrity crush.


It’s interesting how MJH has played two major characters who were very defined by their fashion and used fashion as a way to portray how they wanted others to see them. Its hard to remember any other shows that did this besides Clarissa and Sabrina. Blossom definately had fashion but it was her own look that made sense for her character. MJH was always changing her look based on what the situation called for.

Until we know if Clarissa is coming back or not, lets remember this show from the 1991, sounds ages ago, almost 30 years. that means that Melissa is around 40s., time flies.

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