Why Australia is one of the best countries to live. - Be Noisy in the world
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Why Australia is one of the best countries to live.

Why Australia is one of the best countries to live.

The big island, Australia, is one of the most amazing countries to live right now and for that reason you will see lots of english, french, asians, latinos around there because they are looking for a new opportunities, here some reasons why this is one of the most amazing countries in the world right now.

  • “Australia is really nice country. Australia is a very high developed country characterised by a very high rank of Human Development Index. This country is also strong in financial, and really multicultural where you can meet people around the world. The citizens are friendly and you can enjoy a freedom life. Australia has it’s best city in the world, Melbourne which ranked as the most liveable city in the world. Climate diversity makes Australia become more unique where you can enjoy the tropical climate at the north of the country, desert at the west, and subtropical climate at the southeast of Australia.”
  • “Australia is gods country we have up too 340 days off sunshine a year Golden beaches The Great Barrier Reef free Medicare health system low unemployment we have lots of gold lots the silver lots of Opals and sapphires we have plenty of Iron ore coal Uranium natural gas shale Oil and best of all we have our Australian aborigines and the outback and kangaroos. GODS COUNTRY”
  • “Beautiful country – there’s space to live, wide roads, great food, amazing places to go for an escape. Friendly and helpful people. Love the diversity in cultures and how we live relatively harmoniously. Land of opportunity – it isn’t so much about who you know but who you are and what you offer.”
  • “Australia is a safe, happy and multicultural country. We are free, we rarely are the subject to disasters and we are home to some of the world’s greatest cities (thumbs up for Sydney). Best country ever!”
  • “Everything is perfect, weather, beaches, wildlife, schools, beautiful cities, equally beautiful suburbs, the list goes on. Its amazing”

Off course many people will say that  they are not agree, but for our experiences, Australia is one of the best ones, you should visit it one day, and if you live here, explore it, its wonderful





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