Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, but Freddie is the Queen of Music altogether.

Michael Jackson is the King of Pop, but Freddie is the Queen of Music altogether.

Lets back back  to the 80s and 90s with Freddie Mercury. A man who performed literally until his extremely painful death, wrote masterpieces in one night, and inspired many modern day singers such as Katie Perry. You will have heard almost everyone of Queens songs: We will Rock you, we are the champions, Bohemian Rhapsody, Somebody to Love, Under Pressure, Another one Bites the Dust, Don’t Stop me Now.. You get the picture? This man is a thing of legend and nobody of today’s era even comes close.

Freddie Mercury has gone from poor to one of the most inspirational singers of his time. He was part of the band Queen. He went on to create there most famous song, there first hit, and there first song (Bohemian Rhapsody, Killer Queen, and Seven Seas of Rhye). He was one of the only males to reach 6 octaves. Queen was also the first band to play behind the Iron Curtain in Budapest.  He doesn’t give a crap about what anybody says. He always does his own thing. His music touched many different genres. His music included Rock, Opera, Blues, Classical, and Pop. Bohemian Rhapsody alone had 4 different genres in it. This is Freddy MERCURY


“Freddie is the epitome of the perfect performer!He didn’t just sing a song, he Became the song! With every fiber of his being, Freddie put his heart and soul into every word.He imbued every song, every lyric with such unbridled passion, electricity, & magnetism. His dynamic deliverance made the music come alive.Freddie was hypnotic,  charming, delightful, engaging, funny, generous, sweet, kind, confident, and shy – all at the same time.He was one of a kind.And I haven’t even mentioned his VOICE! ! It is the voice of God, reaching down from the Heavens, snatching your heart out, bringing life and joy, and leaving you wanting more. Freddie’s talent and genius come to life while he’s performing his magic. Truly, a precious gem was Freddie Mercury! A treasure trove of pure ecstasy!He will be remembered, adored, admired, and emulated as the most amazing, most awesome, and BEST performer ever to grace the Earth.RIP… Freddie Mercury, sweet prince. You are sorely missed!”

Check his videos that are from 80s and 90s but have hundreds of millions of views in Youtube. What do you think about freddy mercury? What is your fav song of him?

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