All Stars 3, who are the really winners?

All Stars 3, who are the really winners?

As you guys know, AS3 finished. And the winner is TRIXIE MATTEL, congratulations, some are agree and others dissapointed, however she is not the only winner of this show, lets check who are the really winners in this show this time.

The 10 of them have the opportunity to show their skills, so all of them are already winners, and super talent, they are and amazing dragqueens, they are dancers, actors, singers, showgirls, make up artist, designers, a perfect package,  but lets be realistic, who call more our attention.

Ten Rupaul queens, from season 1 to 9.  who was your favorite one?

Trixxie: Winner, got the money, more followers in social media.

Kennedy: We knew that she is the lipsinging diva, but people was waiting more things from her. She is in the top 2 but other people sorprise us more than her.

Shangela: Many people was thinking that she  was the robbed queen, but, she wasnt, she got many followers, a tour solo around the world and almost the double of her followers in social media. She showed that is super creative. She is at the end one of the biggest winner, and she showed that she didnt got the crown, however she show that is the true daughter of Alyssa, cause her talent and evolution is priceless.

Bendela: The real winner, she left 2 episodes before the final, however she was on top 5 times, she showed that she was much better than anyone else in the show. She is a great comedy queen that can dance, sing and be fashion. With such great heart that prefer eliminated her self and give the opportunity to others to show their talent. Plus got  lots of followers in social media.

Bebe: She show her talent to new people that didnt watch the first season. She is ok.

Morgan, Aja, and Thorgy: Absolutely AMAZING, the got eliminated early but the showed to everyone what they are all stars. Creativity, talent, and charisma.

Morgan and Chichi: They are super talent but they didnt show it as much as the other contestants.

Who will be your top 5.?

If we have the opportunity, i will say, in this order: Bendela, Shangela, Trixxie, Aja, Milk.



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