The gold medal was the cherry on top of the cake

The gold medal was the cherry on top of the cake


This is what happens when you never give up, Aljona Savchenko and Bruno Massot have been training really hard, separate and together and you can see the results here . “They gave me goosebumps, amazing just brilliant in all form”

The people that was watching them was super happy with there amazing thecnics, it was a pure art, Germany got its first gold in the figure skyting category. with 235.90 points Savchenko and Massot broken a new olympic record. ” Stunning, breathtaking – Aliona is a legend for all-time and Bruno has transformed to so steady and solid with her partnership/tutelage — even watching it over again I STILL get chills….everything about it was perfect: the shapes, the choreography, the flow, the transitions — you just hope they can ride this wave through Euros and to the Olympics!”


Aljona is on fire! And Bruno getting concentrate! Many people was thinking that after few times that she failed, she will give up but she didnt. She show that when people work hard, the results are coming after. Her perseverance, her patience and strenght, her risks and creativity plus, her passion for skating is really inspiring.


After them, the silver and  bronze was for Wenjing Sue and Cong han from china and Meagan Duhamel and Eric Radford from Canada.



Amazing talent from GERMANY,  What a performance! Wow! Woow!! Wooow!!!


Photos: instagram aljonasavchenko

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