Sometimes you can feel: Oh I am the worst person in the world but life can change in one second and you become superstar

Sometimes you can feel: Oh I am the worst person in the world but life can change in one second and you become superstar

Life sometimes can be hard, but is up to us to wake up and move on or give up. Each story is different, Lets go today to Hungary and meet this great artist call Mate Bella, singer and song writer.

I am Mate from Hungary. Actually I don’t have job cos I arrived from Benidorm a month ago. Some many own songs waiting for me in my case that I complete these. Cooking is my hobby, I love to searching new paths.

My previous performing experience includes working for Med Ents ltd in the summer season of 2016 (April-November) where I was Lead vocalist in a Jersey Boys/ Overtones group that toured Greece and its islands. We played 4 and 5 star hotels/resorts and clubs. In New Years 2016 we also performed in England, Worthing, where we did half of the show as a group, and half as soloists. After I was working in Benidorm (Spain). Here I sang so many songs from different performers and musicals, for example: Michael Jackson tribute, Grease, Mamma Mia… This gave me the opportunity to perform alone on stage, live, infront of an audience.

As well as performing live, I also record videos and post them on youtube which you can view.


  1. What city or place in the world do you recommend to visit?

Veszprém is the most beautiful city in Hungary and also my hometown. Honestly everything happened with me here but I prefer this district where I live.

There are small rivers, hills with green grass, old houses, the first kisses on the benches…


  1. “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?”


I cannot give up. My wife left me with my daughter, 4 years ago I lost my other child. I have to go further


  1. What is your superpower or spiritual animal? why?


My superpower arise from God. I believe in Jesus 🙂 Cause He is the father of the people.


  1. Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how did you feel about it and what did you do instead of giving up?’


Every time I feel the noise in my ears that I have to give up. In these moments I am thinking about my daughter.


  1. How can you stay motivated to work on something every day?


Everything can change. Sometimes you can feel: Oh I am the worst person in the world. But life can change in 1 second and you become superstar. Who knows ?


  1. What lesson of life did you learn in a difficult way?


My life is hard, homelesses people gettin harder…


  1. What advice do you give to someone who wants to be like you someday?


Don’t do this, it’s a sweet burden, but burden


  1. Can you think of a moment when the impossible became possible?


Yes i can think. My opinion is that God define our lifes. We cannot step out from the way, we need to be there


  1. What steps should you follow to get closer to your goal?


I am writing my songs, publishing on the net, tryin to get jobs as a singer


  1. What is your life slogan, a sentence that motivates you and identifies you?


I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father, except through me By Jesus.z

This is Mate Bella, follow him in social media, lets rock Mate and keep fighting for your dreams, as you are showing, everything is possible following the right path.

Tell us what do you think about the music of Mate Bella.

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