You have to give yourself the best chance to do what you were born to do

You have to give yourself the best chance to do what you were born to do

Today, a great talent from Melbourne is making us smile and giving us full of motivation. A different artist that call our attention for her videos and photos. Her hard work is showing results, more followers in Instagram, Youtube and great feedback.

When you work with passion, every one can see the results, lets Be Noisy today with Beth, from Australia.

Right now i am preparing to start my third and final year of university, where i’m doing a communications (media) degree (but i only take the film/tv related subjects). I’m constantly planning and imagining future videos, even if i just have an idea for one single shot, or i’m in an op shop and see some extravagant dress that makes me wanna run through a field or abandoned carpark.

You can find me on twitter, instagram, facebook and snapchat @bethblvd.

oh and of course my youtube channel:


  1. What city or place in the world do you recommend to visit?

Places I love the best, are places that i’ve brought something to or made something of, like if I have a wonderful memory of me and my friends then that place is home to a beautiful memory. I love finding small corners in cafes to people watch and listen to the sounds of strangers, i’ve always found that fascinating. But making the seemingly boring, or overlooked into something special is what I love.


3; “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?”


quite honestly, the idea of editing a new video together makes me so excited i’m often up earlier than usual because I just adore it. a warm cup of coffee in bed with my laptop, going through footage and deciding how to piece it all together is just so cool.


  1. What is your superpower or spiritual animal? why?


I just really love dogs man. I want so many dogs, my instastory is just dogs I see on the street and their existance makes me happy, like if I see a dog in the morning my day just gets 1000% better.


  1. ‘Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how did you feel about it and what did you do instead of giving up?’


There was a point when I was so frustrated because I seemed to be stuck at 475 subscribers. and I thought to myself, like god this is going nowhere am I wasting my time here? but I had to realise that if what i was doing meant something to me, then it was worth it. I make things to work through feelings and document people and places as they come in and out of my life and it’s something I’ve always done, even before I had a youtube channel. so giving up wasn’t ever really an option, giving up on myself though is something I still struggle with, but I just love creating too much to ever let that happen.

  1. How can you stay motivated to work on something every day?


it’s not something that I have to push myself to do really, my brain is completely wrapped around ideas and concepts 100% of the time so working on my videos/film or whatever you want to call it is such a natural thing, it’s just apart of my day.


  1. What lesson of life did you learn in a difficult way?


The hardest lessons I’ve ever learned are about self respect and self acceptance, that being said it’s still something I have to actively choose to work on everyday. My mental health problems kinda forced me to deal with alot of stuff that i had laying in the back of my brain and didn’t want to confront, but you know, when stuff gets more serious you really have to make the decision to survive and thats a decision i have to make everyday. it’s hard but at the end of the day, I have to be alive to create. so i have to stay alive,


  1. What advice do you give to someone who wants to be like you someday?


fucking do it. it’s your life man, and they’re short. you have to give yourself the best chance to do what you were born to do.


9, Can you think of a moment when the impossible became possible?


Standing on the vidcon stage is the moment when everything changed for me. being up there because of the little videos I make, was such a validating experience and it was the first time making videos had given me a tangible experience (if that makes sense?) like of course I get lovely comments on my videos and I talk to people on twitter and instagram but to have that translate into the real tangible world was mind blowing.


  1. What steps should you follow to get closer to your goal?


make the conscious choice to do one thing per day that will help you move toward your goal, it can be the smallest thing like picking a colour for your website or writing one sentence of your novel but it has to be something because then you’re always moving forward no matter whar.


  1. What is your life slogan, a sentence that motivates you and identifies you?


Honestly (this is 100% not a joke) whenever I feel myself hesitate, I think of that shia Laboeuf motivational “do it” video.

Like, in my head i’ll be all like ‘i don’t know whether this video is a good idea, it’s not worth it blah blah’

Then i hear shia be all ‘just do it’

and I’m like, ‘shit you’re right’

Works everytime.

this is my favourite shirt right now because the sleeves are witchy and I feel powerful wearing it

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