The “Backrolls” girl from All Stars is in tour around OZ

The “Backrolls” girl from All Stars is in tour around OZ


Guess who is in Australia, Miss Alyssa Edwards, charisma, unique, nerve and talent from Rupaul. She didnt win, but she is one of the most successful queen around the world. She is the mother of The Hauls of Edwards  that  always will be our favourite drag family of Drag Race.

She is touring around Australia with her performance and comedy, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne are part of this tour. re you going to watch her. You will have a really great time.

Watch the video on top and  check it out what Alyssa was thinking about Australia.

People around the globe love her and react about her:

  • “Too cute. You know I didn’t like Alyssa during her season, but now I appreciate her so much more. She has such a bright personality and is pretty damn hilarious too!”
  • “I literally LIVE for her! SLAY QUEEN!! I want to meet this girl so badly! I’m a dancer and kind of want to move to Dallas just the take at the dance studio he runs!”
  • “i had the amazingly overwhelming opportunity to meet her and when i told her how she saved me through my suicidal thoughts and attempts she was just the most amazing human being on earth we are so blessed, really.”
  • The QUEEN of one liners, tongue pops and facial expressions! I can’t- I live for Miss Alyssa Edwards
Alyssa Edwards tours with us and spills the T. check it and visit her


Humor + dance + creativity + amazing performance = show girl.





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