"Do not let that light go off " Cynthia Lee Fontaine - Be Noisy in the world
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“Do not let that light go off ” Cynthia Lee Fontaine

“Do not let that light go off ” Cynthia Lee Fontaine


If you follow RuPaul Drag Race, you should know this amazing talent. A girl that when arrives call the attention of everyone because she is super energetic, unique, amazing, and different.

Her style is impactant, her “cucu” is famous around the world, her dance and comedy are the best but her personality is the most beautiful things that she has.

Lets be noisy today with Cynthia, and see a motivational face of this Queen.

“My name Is Cynthia Lee Fontaine as well know as a member of Rupaul Drag Race season 8 and 9 and Miss Congeniality winner . I’m an 11 years experience entertainer . Actually at the moment in traveling but now I’m co hosting the Viewing parties for All Stars 3 at my home city bar OCH in Austin, Texas! My hobbies are reading and sing on a smule app !”


What is your favorite city or place around the world?
“My favorite city beside San Juan , Puerto Rico of course when I was raise and born , is Lima, Peru because of the restaurants and extremely rich in culture ! Sector Miraflores is beautiful !

“What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?” The most important part is to recognized you are alive ! It doesn’t matter how you feel !

What is your superpower or spiritual animal? why? I don’t have any superpowers but I do believe kindness and positive energy is my winning cards every day .

‘Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how did you feel about it and what did you do instead of giving up?’ I can’t tell you to be very honest with you because I don’t remember . But what I do remember is like humans we can feel frustrated about some situations in life . But always my strategy is to have a plan . Everything in life has a solution ! Never give up !

How can you stay motivated to work on something every day? Been alive for me is a blessing ! That’s all it matters ! Breathing , go outside , see the skies it’s my biggest motivation always.

What lesson of life did you learn in a difficult way? To stay focus and appreciate what live is giving you at the moment. It’s not easy we are not perfect but we have to admit we are extraordinary !

What advice do you give to someone who wants to be like you someday? You need to possess 3 important qualities in order to succeed in this business : discipline , commitment and believe in yourself .



Can you think of a moment when the impossible became possible?
Nothing is impossible in life if you believe you can make your dreams come true !! The sky is the limit !
What steps should you follow to get closer to your goal? There’s no any rules of step to get closer to any goals !! You just have to make a plan and organize yourself . But it’s important to be positive and believe !

What is your life slogan, a sentence that motivates you and identifies you? “Don’t give up because when you have a goal you need to fight against obstacles and inconveniences to try to make everything possible to make your dreams come true even if you are the only one who believes in yourself “

Don’t stop pursue for what you believe ! Do not let that light go off !!! And stay positive all the time .





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