Almost 20 years of American Pie - Be Noisy in the world
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Almost 20 years of American Pie

Almost 20 years of American Pie

Have you watch celebrity big brother USA?. I was watching the other day and i didnt have idea about most of them but someone was familiar. i was looking at her, but i didnt remember where i saw her the last time. Nadia from American Pie, Shannon Elizabeth.

It was almost 20 years ago when American pie  appeared on TV, it was a hit and Nadia was the sex symbol in that movie and lots of teenagers where thinking in her. After American Pie, she have been in lots of movies however everyone still remember her as Nadia.

Lets remember American pie, from 1999, some people think it was sexist and homophophic, other love it.”When I first decided to view this film, I didn’t expect much. I’d heard it had a big impact on the ‘coming of age’ genre and the 90’s, but I didn’t think it would appeal to me the same way it did to others, boy was I wrong. American Pie is a hilarious comedy with a great cast of characters, each with their own over the top personality. Watching these teenagers land themselves in some of the most awkward situations is where a lot of the humour builds in; its defiantly one of my favourite comedy movies of the 90’s.”  say Jordan.

Lets come back to 2018, She is doing Really well in Celebrity big brother where share house with other celebrities as Omarosa or Ariadna Gutierrez. She has show that is one of the top leaders in the house with great skills. Lets check it out, how the time change and lets remember Nadia, Shannon Elizabeth, from American Pie.


It’s competition time!! Shannon is so appreciative of all the support #TeamShannon has given her while in the @cbs_bigbrother house. So, if you post a video of your #TeamShannon support parties, one lucky winner will be called by Shannon PERSONALLY when she is out of the house to say thank you and to chat about the game. Here's how you enter: 1. Film your message of support for Shannon (get creative! You must include the hashtag #TeamShannon somewhere in your video! Max 30 seconds. 2. Like her charity page @animalavengers and @shannonelizabeth 3. Post your video and tag it with @shannonelizabeth @cbs_bigbrother and #TeamShannon. That simple! Entries open today and close the evening of the finale on February 25 2018. Get filming!

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