Be humble, see your limits and fight honestly to get over them!

Be humble, see your limits and fight honestly to get over them!

Today we invite to Be Noisy a great talent from Italy, Paolo Rebellato He is showing us that you an achieve your goals if you work hard and dont stop. Sometimes in life you can find walls and rocks that maybe block your way, but the most important thing is find different solutions to that and jump this barriers to improve in life.

Welcome to Be noisy Paolo, a guy that never give up, an amazing talent from Europe,


1. Tell us about you right and what is coming. In which dreams, hobbies and projects are you working right now? where we can see you, social media links?

Hello, I’m Paolo Rebellato, a music producer from Milan, Italy. My dream is to build a music network in which I can work and collaborate with all over the world, on every kind of music and every kind of artist, from all kinds of rock and metal to jazz, Pop, hip hop and electronics. My hobbies are obviously everything related to music, so playing and listening, but I’m also interested and passionate about every kind of art (visual arts,literature, theather, cinema). I’m working on several personal projects of various kinds of music, one is alternative rock, one is metal, and something more experimental in addition.

My social media links are:

  • Personal facebook:
  • Professional facebook page:
  • Personal Instragram:
  • Personal Youtube channel:

2. What city or place in the world do you recommend to visit? A place that you always remember and smile when you think about it. why? (it can be a cafeteria, a bar, a library, a park, a street etc.)

I was born near Venice and so is Venice the place i recommend to visit! If you love books I recommend the Libreria Acqua Alta, that is very charateristic. I found a lot of beautiful books in there!


3; “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?”

Knowing I’m going to work on some beautiful music-related projects!

4. What is your superpower or spiritual animal? why?

It is the beat. I don’t know, it reflects me somehow. It’s clumsy, funny and always hungry!

5. ‘Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how did you feel about it and what did you do instead of giving up?’

There was a bad time during my studies, because some exams went bad. I felt like I had totally chosen a wrong path for my life. I just kept it hard also with the help of my dearest friends and relatives and I survived to that!

6. How can you stay motivated to work on something every day?

Sometimes is difficult, but what keeps me going on is working everyday with some amazing artist

7. What lesson of life did you learn in a difficult way?

Be humble, see your limits and fight honestly to get over them!

8. What advice do you give to someone who wants to be like you someday?

Just listen music. Play music. Live music. Don’t let someone (Tv, Radios, Labels..) choosing music for you. Search for what you really like and be passionate about that, all the rest is a consequence.

9, Can you think of a moment when the impossible became possible?

I never thought I could work in music, but lucky my family pushed me in order to pursue my goals and dreams.

10. What steps should you follow to get closer to your goal?

Making always new contacts, listening new music, studying and learning everyday something new.

11. What is your life slogan, a sentence that motivates you and identifies you?

Be yourself and don’t be chosen, but choose.

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