“Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy”

“Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy”

From Macedonia to the world, Lets be noisy, this time with MariaDanceGirl. She is a talent dancer and filmmaker that with just 23 years old have fans already around the world. She is working out on short films and dance videos. As you said, dont let anyone put you down, you are amazing and your style is unique., Lets be noisy with MariaDanceGirl.

I’m MariaDanceGirl  from Macedonia. I’m 23 years old and I’m a dancer and filmmaker. Right now I’m working on short films and dance videos. I also make dance collaborations videos with dancers from all over the world who are showing their moves and representing their country. All of my work you can see it on my YouTube channel: MariaDanceGirl and also you can follow me on Instagram:mariadancegirl to see more behind the scenes videos and  cool pictures!

What city or place in the world do you recommend to visit? 

I recommend you to visit the Buffet restaurant in Sydney, Australia. I was there in 2012 and it was amazing. The restaurant is in the Sydney Tower Eye at the top of the tower. The food is good and the workers are very friendly! While you’re eating you can enjoy watching the breathtaking view, it’s simply unbelievable! If you have a chance to go in Sydney, you should definitely visit the Sydney Tower Eye, you won’t be disappointed for sure!

23 🎈 #birthdaygirl 😄

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 “What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?”

Well, the thing that is always in my mind every time when I get up is video ideas. Everyday when I get a message from random people saying that they can’t wait to see what’s going to be my next film or a dance video makes me feel so good. They motivate me to be better, to concentrate on the work that I do and they are giving me so much positive energy! Also, I have haters who are saying many negative things, but that keeps me going even more and they can’t never stop me.

What is your superpower or spiritual animal? why?

My superpower is making people laugh because whoever is in my company they always have a fun time! I’m a person with only positive thoughts!

‘Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how did you feel about it and what did you do instead of giving up?’

There was a time when I thought that I gave up making videos.That was few years ago when I was in high school. Nobody knew about my videos on YouTube but somehow one girl found my channel and she told to everyone in the school and they started to be rude and make fun of me. Everyday was a hell for me. I had no support from them. So after a week and a half, I opened my YouTube channel and I made all of my videos private and I said to myself that this is over. The next day, I saw that I have over 100 of messages of random people or fans, saying where are my videos and when will I make a new one. When I saw all of those messages I felt so good and I saw that there are a lot of people who are supporting me and love what I do. I opened my videos to public and started to make videos again and I didn’t care about what other people say at all and I should make things that makes me happy. Since then I started growing my YouTube channel and Instagram, I signed up to many online dance competitions and I have won over 15 awards!! It is funny because many people who made fun of me in the past after seeing my big success they started to be nice to me.


How can you stay motivated to work on something every day?

Like I said before, fans are the reason that keeps me going everyday. I’m always with motivated thoughts so whenever I post my work I make people happy. Their positive comments and how they respect what I do keeps me motivated every single day.

What lesson of life did you learn in a difficult way?

The lesson that I’ve learned in my life is that there’s always gonna be people who will put you down on a ground and make you feel embarrassed. So what I’ve really learned with things that I have experienced is not to stop something that you really wanna do with love. No matter where are you from, you can be successful and chase your dreams. Take every little opportunity as possible. I failed few times but never give up! It is a painful start but always a great ending with a hard work.

Any advice to someone that want to be an artist like you? 

My advice for everyone  is not to give up and not to listen what other people say. Listen to your heart and do what makes you happy. If you fail once, that doesn’t mean to stop, that means that you’re on a wrong way so go back and start again and the hard work will lead you to the right way.


 Can you think of a moment when the impossible became possible?

The moment when the impossible became possible was 2 years ago when I was a part of a dance crew and went on a biggest dance competition in Croatia and we won 1stPlace! We made a cool choreography and went on the World Dance Masters in Croatia. There were over 34 countries with over 500 dancers so we thought there’s no way that we can make it far. We went there to experience how does it feel to be in the biggest competition in the world and to have fun. After 5 days of auditions we made it to the finals and then we won 1st Place! We didn’t expect that at all. After that I said that we put so much work in this choreography and made every step with love so we shouldn’t be surprised at all. Hard work pays off. Today, I’m still holding the record with my crew in my country Macedonia for the most successful group in the country!

What steps should you follow to get closer to your goal?

Steps that you should follow to get closer to your goal are to make something which is unique, put so much work on something that you are working on, connect with people, fans, that loves your work, share your work on your social media, believe in yourself and the most important step is to be very patient because nothing can’t happen overnight!
What is your life slogan, a sentence that motivates you and identifies you?

A sentence that motivates me the most is “Never say never”.

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My YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SMGMaria

My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mariadancegirl/





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