“if you want to become a good author or film maker just be your self”

The film industry in Australia is growing up faster and  new talent are around. An amazing young writer from Western Australia will surprise soon with a great film. Welcome to Benoisy Tristan, tell us about your coming projects:

I’m writing a fiction novel named Hope as it’s about a Nuclear post-Apocalyptic Australia after the devastation of the nuclear war as it was started from country’s fighting over resources as after the nuclear war amongst the ruins a nineteen year old boy named Marcus as he is now he rose from the old worlds ruins as he was awaken into a nightmarish world as what is left of humanity fighting for whatever is left in the world. Marcus gets taken in with a group known as the Ressfighters as they were a resistance group who fought for the survivor’s freedom and against the known enemy’s Raiders, High jackers, cannibals, as also the biggest enemy force in the wasteland the Bandits as that’s what they believed in.

The Ressfighters sent in Marcus as well as a squad for a mission to retrieve missing supplies as then it went terribly wrong as then Marcus finds himself all alone as then he finds a nine year old girl named Emily who was lone in the wasteland as also she was captured by slavers Marcus saves her as then he asked her why she was out there in the wastes all alone as then Emily explained her situation to Marcus as then Emily askes Marcus to take her back to her sister named Willow Marcus then remembers her sister as she was his girlfriend back before the war. So Marcus agrees and promises her that he was going to take her back as it was beginning to become a race for survival as Marcus fights his way through whatever is in his way so he can return Emily to willow as then returning hope for himself as also to regain hope for everyone in the wasteland.

Hope Photo by Tristan bay

As well after the book im planning to be making a big feature film project based from the book Hope as after there will be a sequel from the first book.

Great to hear that, and congratulation for your future novel and film.

Lets talk about the world, any special place that you love it or you want to go to visit?

Well I always dreamed of going to New Mexico as I dreamed of going as it had beautiful sunsets as well scenery it makes me smile as I think of it every time and I dream of me walking throughout new mexico as also live in the beautiful state.

 What motivates you to get out of bed in the morning?

Many things motivate me to go out of bed like for example if it’s a beautiful day or if I needed to do work on my novel cause I know that it won’t do work on its self. Every day I always think of something what I can do and to keep me busy but some days It can be hard.

 What is your superpower or spiritual animal? why?

If I was a spiritual what would I be? It would be a wolf cause there beautiful animals as also strong and intelligent as they hunt in pack and stay in packs like family’s but sometimes I like to be a lone wolf cause some challenges I like to face on my on but all together they always look loyal in a way.

 ‘Can you tell me about a time when you almost gave up, how did you feel about it and what did you do instead of giving up?

I almost gave up when the love of my life broke up with me cause at the time the second character was based about her but until my mom told me about what she told her mum and what told my mum as I was happy with my friends. Until my mum called me over to the lounge room and told me the news I was changed on that day as I felt my world crumble and tore away I fell into a pit of depression as I couldn’t stop thinking about it as I wanted to just forget all of it. As then one day after no sleep I walked to the computer and just sat down looking at the draft for my book as it was only beginning I grabbed my mouse as I was about to delete al my work away as I just thought it was all for nothing as then suddenly something in my head snapped and I instantly canceled the delete option as then I hovered my mouse over towards the last area where I typed before as then I started to slowly type button by button until I regained my motivation and just changed willow around so no memory of what ever happened can stay with in the book so I didn’t give up at all I just kept going.

How can you stay motivated to work on something every day?

Honestly how I kept motivated was that this wasn’t was an ordinary project I usually do this was big but the one person who kept me motivated throughout the writing of the book was my friend Cherylee Montgomery cause she really wanted to read it after it was done so I wanted that to happen so I kept writing and writing and also that she was one of my best of best friends back when I was in school as she sat with me and helped me out if I needed help and if she is reading this interview right now I just want to say thank you for the times you helped me and thank you for believing in me I couldn’t done without you.

What lesson of life did you learn in a difficult way?

Well when I was little I used to do motocross with my little brother named Luke but anyways I was on a little moto at the time and I fell of and I became trapped underneath my bike when I was in the mud. I remembered that a bit of my pants was stuck on the foot peg and that after all the other kids were coming towards me as they dodged me when I was underneath so at the time it was scary cause I was only little but I kept on wriggling and wriggling my leg until it become un stuck from the bike as then I crawled from underneath it as then I got back up from the ground and picked my heavy bike up and got back on and raced the lesson was from that back then was to get back up and try again even if it looked scary you get back up and try again

 Any advice to someone that want to be like you and work in a first book or film.

For the people who want to either write a novel or make a film or do the both the same thing I will give you this bit of advice set a goal what can be accomplished and then if you finished that goal make another easy one so for example say like I want to write two chapters for a book today so that would be an easy goal not like I want to wright ten chapters in a day that would be a hard goal to achieve unless you type very fast but if you rush it your writing would be not great. So take it steps at a time have a break here and there
And if your do the film it’s like the same thing you have to think if its going to work out but if you have a dream that you want to do it don’t worry cause you will succeed and you will do it you just have to take baby steps then big steps towards your goal
And if you want to become a good author or film maker just be your self don’t try to be like anyone else cause you’re the one who will stand out and shine.

 Can you think of a moment when the impossible became possible?
Well one time I don’t know how I did it but I managed to do it one day I was doing my favourite hobby and that was paintball I had a team of 20 players as well the other team had the same amount. Are team wasn’t getting a advantage as we were all getting shot at and that are team members kept getting out until it was only me it was at night time as the other team was trying to grab are team flag I was stuck in are team castle on the field as I was defending the flag they were firing all these paintballs at me that I knew that I couldn’t do it and I might have to surrender but I didn’t I just was putting of one last stand and I wasn’t going to let them take it easy so I kept firing back as I dodging and running and hiding I kept doing it until I was taking the other team out until all were out so as then from the brink of loss I got up and ran through to the other side of the map and got there flag and ran back with it to are base as then we won.

 What steps should you follow to get closer to your goal?

I reckon if your confident in yourself as well as you believe in yourself that you can do it follow your dreams follow your passion follow yourself and create that path so you can get to your goal create the easiest path not the hardest ones and don’t be scared to change things around its just sometimes you need to take those leaps of faith so you can do it and don’t let anyone stop you or let anyone change you for who you are.

 What is your life slogan, a sentence that motivates you and identifies you?

I always like to remember as one of my officers told me when I was in the Western Australian Army Cadets and I still remember it till this day the quote goes like this.
Don’t quite. You’re already in pain. You’re already hurt. Get a reward from it.
He explained that the quote stands for that your already half way and if you feel the pain from it and that your nearly done you should as well just finish it off already cause at the end of that long road there will be that reward at the end.

And now to all of you beautiful people out there who are reading this please come follow me and my journey when my book is published come and buy a copy and follow Marcus throughout his journey and help bring hope to the world. Remember this definition of H.O.P.E Hold On pain Ends it will help you and others out and if you want to be an Author or a film maker or an actor or anything keep following your dreams and keep working at them don’t let them pull you down I always also play this quote in my head also from my very favourite actor/ Body builder Arnold Schwarzenegger “you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands in your pockets” so keep believing in yourselves and I do absolutely believe that any of you readers at the moment will become what you want to be so thank you for reading and love you all.

Amazing Tristan, lets keep working for our dreams as Tristan is do it. We know that we will know more about him soon because when you are passionate for something, you will get it.


“if you want to become a good author or film maker just be your self”

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