Go go Australia Eurovision 2018


Australia has been consistently strong since they joined Eurovision in 2015, particularly Dami I’m last year in Sweden, only topped by Jamala at the end. The eyes are in Australia, and this year.” The one flying the Australian flag in Lisbon will be someone who has been on the Eurovision stage before, as an interval act in 2014: Jessica Mauboy!”


Australia will be Top 5 with Jessica for the following reasons

  • Jessica is an amazing vocalist and can sing both ballads and up tempo songs
  • She is also an amazing performer, have you seen her on stage?, She is full of energy, make dance everyone, even if you dont like to dance.
  • The song is unique
  • She has the charisma and is also very lovable.
  • Great ambassador for aboriginal youth. they love this girl! the possibilities that can become when an aboriginal puts commitment, direction, drive and passion together.



BYE BYE SYDNEY HELLOOOO LOS ANGELEEEEEZZZ #flytime #qantas #losangeles #america

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Australia did well in the recent years, even last year where almost everything went wrong. Jessica went to Euroision in 2014, lots of people were so critical with her performance, it was four years ago. Now its time to show her evolution. So, lots of people, incluide my self, we are so happy to see her return!! Get those vocals solid and she’s gona be a favourite to win! She can sing!! Australia have done such a good job of bringing solid talent to the stage!!


I saw Jessica on stage, i didnt know her, i wasnt his fan,  but took me 5 minutes when i was dancing and watching her performance. Its unique. This girl deserves more fame and recognition. She’s really good! So it will be the best opportunity for Jessica and Australia.


Next year, will be great to see The veronicas or even  Olivia Newton John have another crack at Eurovision, this time for her home country.

Lets be noisy Jessica.

Go go Australia Eurovision 2018

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