Looking for a job, Tasmania can be your next house

If you are looking for a job an sponsor or a new opportunity, Tasmania can be your solution.

Each person can have different experiences but the most important thing is at list try, and check if you like it or not, but before try, don’t put wall where is doesn’t exist.

Tasmania is Amazing, beautiful and unique. Around mountains and absolutely green. If you haven’t been there, come on, pack your stuff and go cause it is one of the most beautiful places around Australia.

Time to set off on a day of exploring around Cradle Mountain with @jan.mcneill57. The walking options at Cradle are endless. If you're after an easy stroll, take the Dove Lake Circuit track – a six-kilometre, two-hour walk around the shore of Dove Lake and under the spectacular peaks of Cradle Mountain. It's one of @tasmaniaparks 60 Great Short Walks of Tassie. Keen for something more energetic? The inter-connected network of tracks spread onto the Cradle Plateau to Marions Lookout and Crater Lake, to Lake Wilks and Hansons Peak, or if you're really keen, to the summit of Cradle Mountain. Whichever route you choose, be sure to plan ahead and be prepared for changing weather. Have a great time! Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Jan.

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But today I won’t talk about beauty, I will focus in jobs. If you ask me, is easy to find jobs?, I will say YES. Is easy to get sponsor in Tasmania?, I will say. Yes. Off course all depend about your skills and paper work in order and this staff but Tasmania is a place of opportunities, they can open the doors for you but it is up to you to work and to look for opportunities. Go out and knock doors and work hard and you will get it, even easier than other states cause you get more points for be a regional etc.

I don’t know about visas too much, if you want, you should looking for an Immigrant agent or student agent, depends what do you want, they can explain you about paper work; however, some people that I know and arrived here few months ago, got a job super easy, and others got sponsor really easy.

I have seen lots of opportunities for Nurses, chefs, hairdressers and many others. Everyone that arrives and looking for a job, got it in a week. Off course you will find people that will say that they didn’t get a job in months but the job is no going to knock your door, you have to go out and looking for different ways to get it.

The atmosphere is nice, great restaurants, pubs, cafes and wine bars.


Around 60 dollars ticket to Melbourne (50 min)
Absolutely historic, beautiful and iconic
Great views
Everything is super close

A bit cold (I you like hot weather, maybe it’s not a place for you)
City is empty after 5pm everyday
Transport, only buses.

Things to know

Its non aboriginal people living in this state.
Tasmania was almost a French colony.
you won’t get an international flights from here

Thing about it, Tasmania can be your next destination.

You can see why so many people describe Bruny Island as the highlight of any visit to southern Tassie, just look at that view! This spot, captured here by @darncusack, is known as the Bruny Island Neck and it’s not only an awesome spot to take in this vista, it’s also an important habitat for some of Bruny's feathered locals. If you're lucky, you may see little penguins or short-tailed shearwaters from the viewing platforms, as they return to their burrows at dusk. While they're incredibly exciting to see, it's always important to remember to cause as little disturbance as possible by remaining on the boardwalks and never shining torches on our flappy friends. Thanks for tagging #discovertasmania, Dan! #hobartandbeyond #tasmaniaparks

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Looking for a job, Tasmania can be your next house

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