1223 event are coming in Adelaide Fringe Festival

1223 event are coming in Adelaide Fringe Festival

“Adelaide in March is more than V8 cars and Womadelaide. The Adelaide Fringe in my opinion exceeds the mainstream Adelaide Festival of Arts.The Fringe is a total experience – soak up the atmosphere at the Croquet Club or Garden on Unearthly Delights. Split your sides laughing at some of the best comedians in Australia and elsewhere or be amazed at the “human circuses”. We always make comedian Sam Simmons a must see. He’s not mainstream and that’s a plus because the show is both evocative & challenging. And there’s heaps of others to see. Street performances in Rundle Street and a cold beer at the Exeter Hotel. No better place to be in Australia!”

If you are looking for an unbelievable eclectic program of cabaret, comedy, circus, dance, film, theatre, music, visual art and design, then this is it. It’s Carnivale meets Mardi Gras, with the entire city of Adelaide transformed for a big party called The Adelaide Fringe.

“The Adelaide Fringe is the world’s second-largest annual arts festival, and the largest in the Southern Hemisphere, held in the South Australian capital of Adelaide. For 31 days and nights during February and March, it features more than 5,000 artists from around Australia and the world, featuring world premieres, hit shows and new artists. Over 1100 events are staged in pop-up venues in parks, warehouses, laneways and disused buildings as well as established venues such as theatres, hotels, bars, pubs, art galleries and cafes.”
Its the time where this city get more crowded, and people spent most weekends at the fringe throughout February and March and they have an amazing experience, absolutly great advengure.

If for different kind of people, if you like comedy or drama, streets entretaiment of theather one, or the big favourite ones, the pop up shows where you payed $5-$10 for entry to a tent to watch who knows.

2018! All the gig info on the profile link

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Every show is excellent from hoopla hoop to world strongest man to magic shows. There is something for everyone and plenty to do. Even just walking around the venue performers will just pop up and start a show in the middle of a path. We highly recommend to anyone as this is fantastic. One of the most amazing experience in South Australia and YOU MUST GO! JUST GO!

Adelaide is alive when the Fringe is on! Great vibe, amazing artists and so many awesome bars/pop up venues! No wonder it is the second best Fringe Festival in the WORLD behind Edinburgh. It really is a tribute to the event organisers, staff, artists and volunteers that put all the effort in. It’s such a great boost to the South Australian Tourism Industry and just keeps improving year after year.

Our biggest recomendation this year is the Venezuelan comedian, Ivan Aristigueti and his new show, El Matador.

So, Adelaide, see you soon.

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