Nina Bonina AMAZING MAKE UP ARTIST Brown - Be Noisy in the world
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The most amazing make up artist is from the USA, If you don’t have idea about this lady, it’s time to check her social media, cause this girl/guy is absolutely AMAZING. When you think that she did her best, she came with something much better. Big clap from Australia.

After you watch some videos or pics about her, you just have to say WOW, just few make up artist like you. Yes, maybe you will see some more spectacular in movies etc, but to be at home one, she is WOW. One day can be an alien, next day can be a super hero and always looks so great. Some people have really great talent and this person is one of them. His real name is Pierre leveme but is famous as Nina Brown, one of the contestants of Rupaul drag race, one of the biggest realities in the world right now.

At the reality TV, she got famous for her different style and it’s easy to see that. Since the promo of the season 9, many people was talking about her cause she was looking so different in relation with the other girls, she was dressing as a weird purple monster. It’s her style, the one that makes the different.

Many drags can have a really great skill but Nina is the top one in makeup artist. her creativity is unique, it’s a power that she has in her hands. I saw many costumes of her but the dog one is my number one.

Nina is super noisy with her makeup artist style, thanks for share it and inspire many people to try different make ups, styles cause being different can call the attention of the world. This is Nona Bonina THE MOST AMAZING MAKE UP ARTIST DOG EVER BROWN.

If you love her talent, check this guy Yanis marshal, from france. You will think, how they can do it.

Pics Instagram @nina_bonina_bown

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