Sabrina the teenager witch 2018

Sabrina the teenager witch 2018

Lets back to the 90s, when Sabrina the teenager witch was at the school and nobody knows that she and her family were a witches.


Amazing time, Great sitcom family  that always came to our  head if we think about  the 90s.  Do you remember Zelda, Helga, Harvey, Libby, even the cat called Salem. An hilarious cat that cries so funny.  It’s a bit weird but those small things make us happy with this series.


It was around 20 years ago. And Melissa -Sabrina – the actress  was even a sex symbol. Most of the characters are around 40s and 50s right now and when I was watching some recently photos of them I realize that I am getting older, as they said “You know tomorrow looked a lot better yesterday”


Who looks better after 20 years, Harvey, Sabrina o Salem?

Sabrina showed as that you can have many things in life but you have to do the correct things, otherwise all will have a consequences. It’s like the real life, think before do something cause you have to be responsible for the consequences too.

By the way, do you know that Clarissa is comming back


One of the channels is making a new Sabrina, let’s see how is going but the one that I watched was unique and it will be difficult to bite them.


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