Lets go to dance with 3 great singers… coming up…

This year is starting with great news, new music, movies, albums, projects from many talent people. This time we are going to talk about Three great singers that are coming with new singles, from all over the world.
Do you remember Come into my world, a hit that make the world dance around 2002, Kylei Minogue, the Australian woman is back with a new album. “I was a little bit fragile when I started working on this album,” she told the BBC.

“I kind of processed that, and I just thought it was a really good time to be honest and to work through everything, and give a snapshot of where I am in my life. It was very rewarding.”

“Well it won’t be me a hay bale, I can assure you that much!” she laughed. “I’m really, really excited about bringing this song (Dancing), and other songs on the album to life,” she said.

If you prefer something more American, Surprise! Xtina (Christina Aguilera is coming back), Maybe some of you just know her cause I one of the biggest coaches of The Voice, others remember her for an amazing songs as Beautiful or the cover of Lady Marmalade for Moulin Rouge.

Aguilera posted a photo of her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame Monday – with a clue about her new music, and post it in instagram, “Where the f—k is the new album?” and replying, “It’s coming bitches.”

If you prefer to move your hips, The famous Colombian is being ready with a new video with another Colombian singer Maluma. They recorded a song a year ago called Chantaje that got more than 1 billion views in YouTube. She always surprise with her music, dance and style. Let’s move our hips with a great Latin song.

Mañana / tomorrow. 9am EST #TrapVideo @maluma

Una publicación compartida por Shakira (@shakira) el

So, just be ready, cause is time to go to the night clubs again.

Pics. Instagram xtina / shakira / Kyley minogue

Lets go to dance with 3 great singers… coming up…

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