Darwin, the wonderland in Australia.

Darwin, the wonderland in Australia.

What do you think about Darwin?

Wow, I haven’t been there, People say that is too hot, just desert around and nobody there.

If you hear something about that, Don’t believe it. You will have your own opinion until you go there, so put this place in a bucket of things to do it. You will love this town.

I lived there, I didn’t expect, but one day a job opportunity came and I moved to Darwin. I arrived in February, It is hot, yes, and hummed and I was suffering the first days, I was having three showers per day, or I was in the pool and having some drinks. Sounds like a great holidays but it was just the normal life in NT (Northern Territory)


After few weeks, I think my body started  to be useful to that weather, cause from three shower I  moved to one. It’s not too hot. At this time you realize that you are a Territorian.

It’s the state with more aboriginal people, so you will find them on the street, buses, malls, everywhere, however you will find lots of Australians, Greeks, English, Nepalese’s, and small Spanish and Latino community there. Its multicultural town, so you will be more than welcome.

It’s a small town, so don’t think that you will find party, gyms  and restaurants in each corner. If you like party, Mitchell street will be your second house, and go to have a drink at Monsoons, they organize different party topics every day, maybe you love it or hate it. if you want a great dinner, you can go to Waterfront where you will find from a Italian or Mexican restaurants to a great Irish pub and the view is AMAZING.

My first week living there was a bit weird, the weather, no trains, just buses and empty streets.  I was in shock walking around a principal  street at 330 pm in a normal day an nobody was there. That freak me out. Welcome to Darwin.

After few weeks, I started to like it. it was so cool, the people is really nice, it’s like a wonderland around crocodiles, really easy life. It was my experiences, maybe yours is different, so don’t judge me. I love it.

Let’s talk about jobs and opportunities, This is the place, it’s really easy to get a job here and if you are looking for a sponsor, it can be easier if you have all the equipments. The salaries are good and lots of people don’t move from here cause their jobs. Sometimes was super difficult to find people to work, so they can offer you a good money if you are the right candidate.

If you life outdoors activities,  Mindil markets, My favourite thing to do on a Sunday is relax and soak in the great atmosphere at Mindil  and sit on the beach and enjoy the most amazing veggie laksa and watch the sunset!!! Extra chillis on my laksa every time!!!


Now that I am not living there, I miss this place a lot, for the people, atmosphere, even the weather. Yes I know. After live in different cities around Australia, I have to say, this is so far one of the best Places to live with hundreds of opportunities. If you have time and can go to live there for a while, go. And if you live there, appreciate and enjoy a lot because if you move one day, you will miss it.



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