“What can I say, I love great music!!!! Dancing to en vogue was everything.. I’ve been loving this song since I was a kid! Glad I’ve finally choreographed to it! Thank you Los Angeles for another great class, Its always a pleasure to teach there! Hope you will enjoy this one!” Yanis marshall

Some of you maybe know this french guy that got viral in social media some years ago dancing with heels.  After he went to British Got Talent and now we can see that Yanis is in LA growing up an amazing carear and for sure we will hear about him more and more.

He can dance a many people, but with Heels. Its nothing that you can see everywhere. Maybe some people can do it just at home, but this guys is showing us how people should dance with heels. Cause is not just for men, you can see how many women are there, trying to dancing with heels that is not easy at all.

You find some critical comments online telling, So gay or High heels is just for girls, etc but that is the point, they are doing something  out of the normal focus, and for that reason many people are so critical. You can be straight, doctor, bisexual, lawyer, gay, actor, lesbian,  chef, transexual, cleaner, dragqueen or president but if you can dance and if you dont want to do it is your choice.

Dancing is one of the most amazing artistic expressions, and dancing with heels is a great skill, Keep working harder mr Marshall, you are doing really well. Lets show your talent to the world.

You inspire many people around, keep working as you do that life will brings many amazing thing to you.

  • I’m going to be honest here… I am actually fu**ing jealous! The the control of the movements wearing stupidly high stilettos, the synchronization, AND the passion and enjoyment they seem to get out of it. Wow… Chapeau!
  • And I’m here barely able to stand in heels.
  • oh my god no no no you didnt… YOU DANCE IN HEELS ?!!! AND ITS LIKE 4 5 INCH OMG I CANT EVEN WALK IN WEDGES SOOO INCREDIBLE … I really love it .. the moves is so flawless


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