Some of you maybe can see a clown, others just see a Dragqueen, but this guy or girl is one of the funniest person right now around the world, BIANCA DEL RIO. Benoisy Talent.

She looks like a crazy auntie latina, kind of Sofia Vergara but with a clown make up that is part of her character, Bianca. She won season 6 of Rupaul Dragrace and so far she is the top 3 of all of the hundreds drags that have been on the show. Actually she is filming The huracan Bianca 2 and she is always super busy, one day in Europe performing, next day filming in USA, next week other part of the world making everybody laugh with Not today Satan.


She has more than million of followers just in instagram, check her social media and have some fun. Enjoy this friday with this queen,  she is super funny and She is one of the most amazing drag comedians around. “I’m like a ninja in a gym, nobody ever sees me.”


“I could never be a Kardashian because I have talent”

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