She’s coming for that Oscar. Let’s go Margot.

She’s coming for that Oscar. Let’s go Margot.

 Time for a new movie  and guess who is here, I Tonya, Finally a movie where (hopefully) Margaret Robby isn’t the sex symbol. Not that there’s anything wrong with if I guess you need a sex symbol to bring in views but it’s just nice to see her use her talent for a more well thought out character. She is not just a beautiful face, she is an actress.

Cheers to the I, TONYA team on their five @BAFTA noms.

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This was one of the best movies of 2017, even though I didn’t get to see it until 2018. There were literally at least two parts that had me tear up. “I, Tonya” is wicked funny and profoundly sad. Margot Robbie gives a defining performance. As Tonya Harding she is fearless, vulnerable, sad and poignantly flawed. Allison Janney is totally amazing.  This is such a very good movie. I love the use of breaking the fourth wall, I love the look at her life from this point of view. 

Wow! I’m really glad Margot has been given the opportunities to play different characters, she so easily could have been typed casted as just the hot girl over and over, but damn she really has been given some different characters in her past few films. This looks amazing, I think they way they choose to tell the story is what is going to make this good. Looks like it has that Goodfella narrative which will make it interesting. Also that drama/comedy aspect to it looks good. Defiantly excited for this one!! 

With an amazing cast and fabulous moments of both darkness and humor, I Toyna may just be one of our favorite films for this year.

The best way to start this year is going to watch this movie and give us a feedback, do you like it?

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