Her courage did change the world. Our World

Her courage did change the world. Our World

Lets go back to the 90s  or maybe some centuries more, where Xena and Hercules were around showing power, fights, love, drama, comedy on tv.  “For those who think Wonderwoman is the first feminism movie, they were probably born after Xena, man i loved that serie and those two characters, Gabrielle even more than Xena. Slaughting everyone with a common stick, so bad ass and such a cool lady.”


Yes, it time to remember Lucy Lawless. That amazing 20 something year old girl from New Zeland that was fighting and fighting for the poor, the rich, the black, the white, for everyone, and always next to her best friend Gabrielle


Do you remember the potential relationship in this show. “X & G relationship was beautifully ‘seeded’ and grew, and I LOVED their relationship. It was pure joy to watch the growth of the entire series… albeit let down at the end of it all… we wanted X & G to stay in a reality, not ‘other-worldly’ for one. Our hero, Gabrielle’s love was killed. It was such a let down after being a loyal watcher… and one with hope for finally seeing ‘what was missing in society.’ The ‘frontier’ was sadly abandoned in the end. Rather cruel for the ardent followers of G & X relationship. But alas, it was only a show.”

This is the amazing Lucy, 20 year after that.

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