The Queen of Playboy after 20 years

The Queen of Playboy after 20 years

If you travel in time to the 90s, you will find a sexy, blonde chick that was acting in  famous tv series Baywatch, so famous around the world for almost 10 seasons. She is called Pamela Anderson.

Many people remember her as one of the beautiful characters in that awesome tv series, however, many others remember her as the queen of Play boy. She used to appear in many covers of this magazine around the world showing her body in different ways. At 90s, she was around 20s. Now she is 40s, and has family, kids and a great foundation but is not longer more the cover of the playboy,

Time for a flash back and remember Pamela Anderson.

As a young Canadian girl. I dreamed of being an artist. I was diabolically creative. I lived in my fantasy- my darkness . I skipped grades in school because of my creative writing beyond my age. I had imaginary friends. I wrote stories and then believed them. I created a sophisticated world .. and though I was on the beach every day in Ladysmith on Vancouver island. I was a princess (my father’s name for me) awaiting her prince. Staring out to the sea. My father was very romantic with my mother and wrote love letters to her every day then I also came upon all the letters from my grandfather to my grandmother and poured through them. His anonymous poetry. Hoping one day someone could love me this much. I still have these letters and poems. My family descended from Finland on my fathers side and Russia on my mothers. They were loggers, nurses and waitresses Bad boys and Bombshells. I have always been drawn to misfits I had a 3 legged dog and my orange cat walked sideways. This has been quite a metaphor for me. To love the ones without love. I knew that my life as an artist would start again – when I might move to the South of France – The next chapter. I knew I’d find love here. After my kids were grown. They are 19 and 21 and very talented, gorgeous and compassionate. Indépendant. They encourage me to travel – and be me. To love life romantically and boldly. It’s instilled in them as well. This sense of adventure. At every age. I have work to do in Europe. And France is central to many causes I can be effective from here. France granted my dear friend Paul Watson political Asylum Maybe they could do same for Julian Assange ? Sea Shepherd is on it’s way to the french islands of the Carribean. Heroes don’t forget who stood up for them when most didn’t. This is what a warrior does. Camaraderie An endless. Faithfulness – to Love, community and respect .. #southoffrance #artist #activist #love #seashepherd #assange #france #theunexpected #life #respect #freedom #finland #russia #canada

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This is her actually :

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