A piece of art that can touch hearts, Edelweiss

A piece of art that can touch hearts, Edelweiss

Lets be noisy with this movie that is touching hearts around, Edelweiss, who won 5 awards at the New York Film Festival and has  been officially selected at the Oniros Film Awards for 2018.

“I was inspired to write Edelweiss after I met (my now boyfriend) Sonu who told me about his Austrian father being a German Officer in WW2 – which is pretty ironic given my Jewish heritage!

He then went on to tell me how his father had fallen in love with a French Nurse called Madeleine…

It made me think about how pretty much always in the Hollywood films, Germans are portrayed as ‘the bad guys’ – I mean obviously what they did was unthinkable but many of them were good men, fathers, sons, brothers who had no choice.

Thus Edelweiss was born, a story which looks at WW2 from a different perspective and how ultimately the people involved, from whatever Nationality – British, French, American, Austrian, were all HUMAN! Emma Fisher

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