This guys came from Bedfort, and in facebook he describe his self with a great sentence “Maturity isn’t measured by years but by character. And Tom is an artist whose age has no reflection on the depth of his art and story telling. A bluesy, soulful tone balanced with an original indie flair, Tom is guaranteed to make a massive impact on the scene when his music is revealed to fans.”

People love his voice, songs, art, and they just express their opinion about him in such a good word, listen to him and let us know what do you think about him.

  • This man is magical, is awesome, his voice ufff!! I love him.
Every song you’ve brought out has been a tune. How do you do it…? great stuff mate, once again.
I adore your voice, Tom. Come to Łódź, Poland, please!
So underrated. Too good.
I heard the first 3 seconds of the song and clicked the like button before listening to the whole song. I have never clicked the like button so fast in my life. I think I almost broke my screen  This song is AMAZING!!

Nice song after a break up. Great talent, Tom G.

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