SIA in Melbs, a talent that you have to try to understand

SIA in Melbs, a talent that you have to try to understand

The lady with a big wig that made all the world dance with amazing songs is back to her country. As you know, she is from Adelaide, so there she has a huge fans that moved to Melbourne to watch her concert.

The concert was amazing, she is a talent that you have to understand, she will find the way to surprise you with effects, dance, voice or whatever but she will do it, and her team off course.

And she did, but some people got it shock, they didn’t expect it. Another love. Let’s start the war and tell us if you what do you think in 3, 2, 1

SIA concert critism. Yeah I hear you. But I had such a great night in the dance pit. It was a visual that had the amazing voice behind it. Most expensive concert I’ve been too… and it was terrible! It was pre-recorded and with any audience interaction!

I actually said it would have been better to buy a DVD.

Seen this beautiful soul live in Melbourne the other night, all I can say is she is absolutely incredible, and full of untold stories. Sia
The best night of my life.

‘I am australian’. 😍😍😭

This was the First time I saw Sia, way back when and totally fell in love. It was interesting to see how her show has evolved into something closer to a performance art or concept work in the last 8 years.

People were ripping on her shows in Melbourne, but I honestly think it might be because they didn’t get it? You were never going to see a traditional 5-7piece band, what we got instead was soo much more rewarding.

Now that we are back from Melbourne, Sia was definitely the most unbelievable concert I’ve ever been too. It’s was the best $99 I’ve ever spent!! Seeing the family was great and the city was nice. The plane was not so nice but oh well 😂 Overall an amazing success!

You were amazing on Thursday night in Melbourne! I had goose bumps when I heard your voice on stage! Your music is fantastic and makes me so happy! I love it! Thank you for everything you do! Please come back to Melbourne!

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