Time to eat 5 dollars MANGO

Time to eat 5 dollars MANGO

What is the plan for today?

Its a place call Jokers, lets go.

And i have to admit i didnt expect anything exciting, when i arrive the room was full, i bought a drink and i sat to watch a comedy show,  Cazzie K, from Canada came to stage and talked about dogs and cats and i start to smile and laugh. She is really great one, Canadian girl living north of Tassie.

But if i laughed with Cazzie K, i pissed my self with Ivan Aristeguieta, this guy is hilarious and with his story about free mangos and how he enjoy to eat it, i was absolutely happy. This couple made my day.

Check this talent people from Canada and Venezuela living in Australia, they are having shows every where, so if you have the opportunity to meet them, have fun and laugh as much as you can and dont forget, Ivan loves Avocado on Toast

Great Benoisy comediants


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