Phiphi Ohara, 365 make up show,  Legend.

Phiphi ohara is phillipino american singer, make up artist, incredible. I agree that she has grown soooo much. I am so proud of her Be noisy talent. Last year made a series, 365 days of completely unique and out of the box looks! Legend.

If you have seen Rupaul Drag Race, you should know about this guy from season 4 and all stars 2 that have showed a lot about his talent. Beauty, intelligence = amazing artist

Many people feel sorry for her bad reputation. But aren’t all the most talented people complicated? Anyone would be mad if they weren’t recognised for their brilliance, and this girl is a genius! Just look at her make up, how she can change from boy to real cartoon or a stunning woman.

People can say what they want about Phi phi, but none of them could touch that, she is an energy cup of talent! All of these looks are amazing. PhiPhi Ohara really showcase artistry. Check his instagram and let us know what do you think about his 365 make up show, 365 days where he posted one pic per day with a different drag make up, and i am not talking about any simple one, i am talking about amazing ones.

Talking about make up, check this girl/boy with uch a talent

What do you think bout Phiphi Ohara

[ 353/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag “90s Cartoons” #BettyDeville

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There truly is no words to describe the creativity and diversity of the looks that Phi Phi has put together, original and breathtaking. This dedication to such an immense project shines through with the high standard of excellence of each look. Well done, good job. xxx

[ 357/365 ] #365DaysOfDrag “90s Cartoons” #CharlottePickles

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Phiphi Ohara, 365 make up show, Legend.

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