90’s had some truly epic music.

90’s had some truly epic music.

We were at work and this song came, people from different generation ws fascinating with this. her voice, music, talent just a mix of everything. Cranberries.
It was around 1994 when this song came out, the Cranberries blew every artist. no matter if they were heavy metal, grunge, and even rap, right out of the fucking water when they hit the scene. When they hit the scene, I bet you everyone stopped in their tracks and looked and listened in awe. Anyway, in respect to that era.

As a child who grew up in the 90s I remember the music of the era all too well, the Cranberries being my earliest memory of music. One of my favourite bands to this day. There are people my age in the music industry today who should be ashamed of the slop that they put out or take credit for. You grew up in the era too. Shame. Viva Dolores! This is absolutely amazing!! I am a drummer and I have been so inspired by their drummer! so simple but so complimenting! what an amazing band!! Literally perfect performance!!!! WOW!!!

Feel the music and enjoy Cranberries.

You can go your own way! #thecranberries

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