The best beach in Australia, Cable beach - Be Noisy in the world
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The best beach in Australia, Cable beach

The best beach in Australia, Cable beach

Cable beach, sand, sun and memories for all your life

The best beaches in Australia are in western australia, one of them in Cable Beach with white sands and crystal clear blue water. Great place to swim, relax and just soak up the sun. Water is warm but still refreshing. Great place for sunsets and to watch the camels meander along the beach.

Cable Beach is one of the iconic beaches of Australia and deserves it! During the cooler dry season (May to October) the prevailing winds are from the land so the ocean off Cable Beach is generally a brilliant turquoise blue and usually very calm! Perfect for lounging around, swimming, surfing the small waves and generally relaxing. You can walk for many kilometres (if that’s your thing), both north and south, during a morning or sunset walk. It’s a great place to bring the kids for a run around, fly a kite, play frisbee or beach cricket. The grassy area overlooking the main beach is a great spot for a picnic while watching a famous Kimberley sunset. The world famous camel rides are located a short walk from the main carpark and north of the rocks, with three businesses (Red, Blue and Yellow) operating for most of the year, the hour long sunset tour a particular favourite.

If you go, you have to catch the sunset there and you wont be disappoint! you will say, What an amazing experience. You think that the sunset isn’t going to be that great with no clouds in the sky but it was gorgeous!

Its not near to any big city, so this is for people that want to take the risk and go. Being such a remote and beautiful part of Australia, it brings together so many different types of people from so many places, from the backpackers hanging in the car park, families who have been on long car trips and older people on holidays. Everyone is happy and it has created such a fantastic vibe on Cable Beach.

I left my heart in the Kimberly 💜 #broome #thekimberly #wa #australia #travel #ilovemylife #anotherdayinwa #beautiful #beyhondwords #flight17

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